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Last week I couldn't dance because of my knee. I'm still required to come to every class. So, while I was sitting in a chair watching everyone else dance (including my sister and her friend CC) I memorised every new combination my teacher gave. Well, at the end of class my sister, Kimber, said that CC said I looked mad. I don't think I was mad, but I might have been. Today Kimber said that when I'm at class actually dancing I look very focused and can be mean if people aren't listening. Do you guys have any ideas as to what I should be thinking about while I dance or while I don't dance. So that I don't look mad or anything? I never feel mad like that so it seems really weird for me to ask this. :D

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Your face usually reflects what you are thinking about, Kelly, especially when not dancing, but sometimes also when you are dancing. A very focused look can also be misinterpreted for an angry or a "mean" look, and does not necessarily really show how you feel. Therefore, developing a "pleasant coutenance" when you dance is very important, especially for auditions and performances! Your countenance in daily classes is not going to change in an audition class, so, the pleasant look has to be a part of your daily work. Dancers who love to dance and can show it will always stand out in a crowd. And dancers who are very musical and respond expressively to the music and the movement will also stand out. Important qualities to develop!

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I love dancing and I'm always enjoying class. I think it was just that time because I couldn't dance and I really wanted to. I think I was actually mad because I go to a public school with ballet classes and some girls just sit out and NOTHING is wrong with them, so I was mad that I had to sit out when they were perfectly capable of dancing and they were taking it for granted. I'll see what class is like on Wednsday.

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