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DVD/Videos: To The Pointe

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To the Pointe, beginner through advanced pointe work. Michelle Benash.


Published: 2005. Has anybody already seen this DVD? She is a former ABT dancer B)

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I have seen both of these. They are available through the media resources of the university where I teach. I am assuming that they were approved by and purchased for our department of dance.


The videos give basic shoe preparation information, pre-pointe exercises, and progress to a do-along class with both Michelle and another dancer demonstrating the techniques.

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I am going to buy it. It just has been released (at least on the European market). Maybe it is already longer on the US market. Or do you mean a different DVD? I was referring to one DVD and you mentionned that you have seen both? :( What is the second one?

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Could you tell me if it was published in the U.S. or the U.K. and where you saw this.


I hold a registered service mark (basically same thing as a trademark) here in the United States for To The Pointe.


Thank you. :dry:

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I saw it on dancebooks.co.uk. I am not sure if it has been published in the US or just in the UK. You might want to check with dancebooks.

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Just for information's sake, I see in the Trademark Office's site that your First Use in Commerce date (the earliest date referenced in your record) is December 1, 2002; however there is an earlier Ballet Alert thread on the subject requesting information on this video which is dated October 2002, so I expect the video had already been out for some time before even that, if that is helpful.

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Yes, when I looked where Dance_Scholar_London said I saw that the video had been out for a while. Just the DVD was new.


I was just checking. :)

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Sorry, did not realise that it was old stuff, Dancebooks presents it as brand new.

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