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Telling the teacher you want to go professional?


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I'm in grade 5 RAD and I do want to become a professional one day. Should I tell my teacher this? Most of the people in my class are 11 year olds and don't have very much interest in becoming professional. If I go along at the pace I'm doing right now (which is 1 level per year) than its going to 6 years before I get into the pre-professional trainning program.

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Actually, it is only one year. RAD says you track through grades preprimary - 5 and then elect to take either the recreational track (formerly known as Higher Grades) or vocational track (Intermediate Foundation, etc.)

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Since you must be at least 13, I think it is definitely time to have a discussion with your teacher. It sounds like you need to have more classes in order to catch up to your age group. If your teacher recognizes your desire and commitment, and if she thinks you have the potential, then she needs to encourage you by finding more classes for you. However, you do also need to be prepared for her to tell you that you do not have the potential. There is no way we can know that. You might have a great deal of talent, but just not enough training to be at a more advanced level. So, talk to her! :(

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In an ideal RAD world, you would be at Advanced Foundation if you were 14, but relatively few schools exist in the ideal RAD world.

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