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FYI tonight's TV: young man joins a ballet class


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The show "Made" on MTV at 10:00 tonight features young male dancers. I have never seen the show, but assume it caters to teen age people. It was filmed at the Rock School in Philadelphia and I understand it shows a fair amount of men's classes. SOme of you with younger boys might like to see it.

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There is also a documentary being filmed at RWB right now which is following two girls, but there will be footage of the boys as well. It is slated to be released in 2006 on the Bravo channel.

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I am looking forward to watching "Made" with my son. I hope that it is presented in a good light and works to promote the idea that ballet takes as much physical strenth and stamina as many "manly-man" sports. And is actually pretty darn difficult! (As all of our DK's can attest to!) I think that the more mainstream male dancers become, the less stigma it will have attached to it. *keeping fingers crossed*

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My DS and I watched it the other day. It is really good and really shows the strength and skill required to dance. Christopher is great as the coach but I dont really think he would have been chosen over Chris Sellars and some of the other boys we recognized there to do the arabian. Reality TV......not. We did really enjoy watching the show though. :sweating:

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