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Hyperextended knees


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I have hyper-extended knees. But I'm confused on how your supposed to straighten them. :rolleyes:

Are you supposed to back into the hyper-extensoin when you straighten, or are you supposed to pull up out of your knees?


My teacher tends to say both ways :unsure:


Thanks :blink:

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Ama, that depends on whether you are standing on them or they are in the air! :blink: That's why you hear both ways. When standing on one or both legs, you must lift up out of the knees and straighten them but NOT push back into the hyperextension. When they are lifted in the air they won't look straight unless you push it all the way. It's especially hard to feel whether it is straight in arabesque or not, but it must be pushed all the way! :rolleyes:

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Oops, I meant on the ground :blink: I know about having to push and lock them in the air, it's just the part on solid ground I was confused about.


Thanks Ms Leigh! :rolleyes:

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