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Richmond (Sun King Dance) Survival Guide

2 Left Feet

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Thanks to all of you who convinced me of how great Richmond is, I'M GOING! (at least I sent my application in, so I'm going in June as long as it's not already full.) I can't wait to meet you all and grow as a dancer! :cool:

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Hello everyone, I just found all of you while searching for information on the Adult Summer Camp in Richmond. After reading all the wonderful things you have to say about it, it sounds like its worth the trip from Oregon. I have been wanting to go to a summer intensive and really dance ( I use to go to them when I was younger), but most programs seemed so relaxed when it came to the adult classes (if they offered any). I am looking forward to sweating through the week. Thanks for inside info, as it seems some of you have gone in the past.:)

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Welcome pointehill.


You'll find a really knowledgeable bunch here - so much great information. Lots of ballet addicts too!

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I haven't signed up yet, but I will as soon as I make sure I can go (money, money and money). Airlines want a lot of money to fly across the U.S. It sounds like it will be worth it though. Anyone know what the weather is like in Richmond in August?...;)

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I currently take classes in Corvallis at Regional School of Ballet . I use to dance down in Eugene when the Eugene Ballet Company was still located there (they merged with another company awhile back). Do you dance with OBT?

I'm thinking about the one of the August sessions, not sure which one yet. Nice to see another Oregon dancer! :)

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Oh my goodness!


It was so exciting to find out about both Richmond and this group in my search for summer dance workshops. I talked my S.O.'s ear off about it last night.


Now I'm having second thoughts. These three thoughts keep whizzing around in my head. Am I too old? Am I too injured? Am I too inexperienced? I've only been taking ballet for about 1 year (2x week), although I did take it when much much younger. I'm mid-30's and have a recurrent achilles problem....





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Guest karenfixe

Hi KimC!


Welcome to the forum!

I don't know about two of your questions, but I do know about the age one. I'm going to Richmond in the beginnng of August and I'm 35 yrs old. I have some lower back issues and am currently in therapy to make sure I have a good time at camp.


I take class 2x/wk but also do weight training and aerobics to increase my strength and endurance.


Yes, I talked my S.O.'s ear off about it too. ;)



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Adults of all ages attend and are welcome at the Richmond dance camps. As far as levels, you choose your own, 1-4, 4 being the most advanced. As for injuries, no one pressures you to take every class every day, so you can pace yourself. There ARE some advantages for being an adult:)

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I haven't taken any of the adult classes at OBT due to conflict in my sch. I did many years ago, then they dropped their adult program for awhile.

I take at Renoux and have taken other classes at a handful of other studios in town. We are lucky, in that there are several studios that focus on the adult dancer.

I believe I'm much older than you, 50's. I have gone to richmond and other workshops Heidi has done for 5 yrs. I really recommend them.

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Don't say older...just wiser! You guessed it... I'm 28. I've heard good things about Renoux before. Maybe I should wander up to Portland someday for a class... It would be interesting just to go to a different school for a drop in. I think I will be going to the 3rd session in Richmond, so I won't be there at the same time as you. That would have been fun. Anyways, nice to "meet" you. :)

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Guest Ballet41

To all of you attending Richmond this year I am totally jelous. I had to chose between my friend and RUSHCON 2003 in Toronto and much more money and Richmond. I live in British Columbia. There are other summer programs, although not as good, here that I will try and take advantage of, but next year I hope to meet you all. I am a total RUSH fan and I had to make a really tough decision, since this camp would have helped me with my Elementary ( Intermediate) exam in the spring. And I need all the help I can get since I am 40!


My best to you all, enjoy!


Ballet best


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Guest distantdancer

Hey Ballet41! I would be interested to know what summer programs you're talking in about as I'm in B.C. as well and can't make Richmond this year. Are there many around here that accept adult students?

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