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Hey Distantdancer, I am desperately looking for one and if I can't find one I intend to try and get one created. I know a lady that dances for Ballet BC that I would loveto find out what she is doing for the summer. She is phenominal! But I 'll be back with any answers for you!


Harbour Center is putting on a week of open classes of your choice. I intend to find out more on Wed when i go. In the meantime, if you are in the lower mainland area, maybe we sould talk!!

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Hi everybody!


Richmond sounds absolutely great!! And I really wish I could go!! (no money, flying out to Richmond will cos me more than the tuition...) One thing I was wondering: are there any international students at ADC?




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Hi Miriam!


I wish I could go to Richmond too... well if I can manage to get an entire week off my work (I'm not sure at all), I will go!! Of course I will have to save money every day until then. I heard about ADC since last summer, and it really seems like a great experience. I can't wait to participate myself.


Reading different threads, I heard about Anders who is from Sweden, and I think he went last summer, and is going again in august. Lucky Anders! :P I live a little far too, but not as far as Netherlands! I'm in Canada. But if I can go, it will cost me a lot more that tuition too. But I'm sure it's worth it!


Hope to meet you there some day!


*Lili* :D

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Well, I'll definitely try to be there next year! As a university student I don't exactly have the kind of money lying around I'll need to get there, but I'm going to start saving now for next year... Too bad there's nothing like ADC in Europe...

And yes, I don't doubt ADC is worth the money 'cause it all sounds (and looks) perfect!

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I've sent my application yesterday for the 3rd session at ADC... I still can't believe that I will actually be there in august!! :D


Well I have a few questions...


Do most people arrive on saturday or sunday?


What if I don't have the shoes for the character class? Is it required? And does the local dance store have them?


I was thinking about buying new pointe shoes while I'll be in Richmond. Do you know if the dance store sells many brands? Which ones? I've only had Bloch Serenades : it is the only brand available in store around here. And I'm a bit reluctant to buy from catalogs...


And just another thing... I don't have any ballet classes in the summer time, and our spring classes are over since last week. I took 4 classes a week since september, but I'm afraid that I'll be really out of shape in august to handle an entire week of dance. What do you think I should do to be well prepared? I'm currently doing aerobics and pilates, but should I practice ballet at home? And what about yoga? What would you do? :)



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I'll be at the first two sessions, so I won't meet you, but I'll do my best to answer your questions!


I think most people come on Sunday--although a few come on Saturday. I think it would be nice to spend a day getting settled and looking around Richmond before camp starts, but that would mean a higher hotel bill...


I didn't have character shoes last year--I used some worn street shoes which looked just like character shoes. Since you'll only use the shoes for a couple classes at the most, I'd recommend borrowing a pair or buying a used pair.


The dance store, Ellman's, sells many brands of pointes including Freeds and Repettos. However, I don't think they sell Gaynor Mindens.


I'm out of shape myself--I haven't danced since early May, when I had an injury to my calf muscle. I've been doing yoga to stay flexible, and will try going back to ballet class this week. The good thing is that at Richmond there is no pressure to participate in EVERY class that's offered. Last year I usually skipped the class immediately after lunch in order to go back to the hotel to rest and change practice clothes. You'll want to pace yourself, and you can always learn a lot by watching.


Good luck, and have fun!

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My school is changing their classes around too now that summer is about to start. I've been going to my gym to do some "cross-training" with the treadmill, elliptical machine, weights, etc. If you can't take classes, you should keep up or increase your endurance by exercising everyday (if possible). For awhile, I was only taking 1 class/week, but with 2 days of weight training and 2 days of cardio, I found my dancing was EVEN BETTER! I was starting to get my triple pirouette and my stamina was better than it was when I took 4 classes/wk.


I've only taken 1 pilates class, so I'll let others answer that question.


Sorry, I'll miss you at ADC, I'm going during the 2nd session (Aug 3). Have a wonderful time and I'm glad you could make it.



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I think the aerobics and pilates will really help if you don't have ballet class. Maybe a few slow and careful releves every night (some in first and some on each foot separately noticing placement especially) would be a good supplement to the other activities, but it's so easy to develop terrible habits doing ballet on your own!


Good luck!


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Thanks Luna, Karen and Sarah for all those answers! :D


I think I'll keep on doing aerobics and pilates this summer, and some cardio workouts and weight training the other days sounds like a very good idea. I will try to find a yoga class to add to my schedule as well. And doing simple relevés every night will really help, I think, because my calves seem to lose strength very quickly, then when I come back after Christmas break, or the summer, I get in a lot of pain and cramps!!:rolleyes:


Sorry I'll miss some of you who are going to the first two sessions.. but maybe we'll meet next year! I'm sure I'll be addicted to this summer camp!!


Have fun in Richmond! :D

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Hi, this is Anders just checking in to let you all know I'm still alive and - in the face of financial and professional ruin - will be attending the early August session this year. I share a lot of your concerns about falling out of shape as my regular ballet classes have ended for the season and work is absolutely piling up to here! But that's when you need ballet the most! Look forward to meeting everyone (and I'm particularly glad to see some of last year's Juners will be coming). I look forward to seeing you too Miriam, next year ;).

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I want to start by saying how excited I am to have found this website. I am 26 years old and I danced seriously from the age of 6-18. I have been back for about 6 months now and have truly awakened a sleeping part of me. I am happy to discover that the passion is alive and well. I have also just discovered the Richmond Adult Dance Camp and noticed that there are to be 3 sessions. Are they all ballet (I saw somewhere that the 3rd was a modern intensive) and if so do you think there still may be room in the 3rd session Aug 17-23? I know it is late in the game but any information would be appreciated.

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Hi Musicboxdancer,


Welcome! I found this website last summer myself, and it changed my life!! :)


So, about your question about ADC in Richmond, I'm not sure if there are places left for the last session, but I think there might be.. I've just sent my application one week ago, and there was still some places available (I'm going to the 3rd sessions). So I suggest that you send an e-mail right away to heidiplie@aol.com to ask her, or contact her by phone at (804)355-7234. All sessions are ballet this year. I didn't hear about modern...


Good luck! :)

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Regarding the third session, the following information was valid as of May 28th. I posted it on another thread, but will repeat it here! As far as I know, it's a ballet intensive session. (Heidi did schedule a modern intensive a couple of years ago, I believe, but not enough people signed up to justify holding it.)




ADC Richmond - 3rd Session

Hello, Everyone!



Here's some news from Heidi Pankoff in Richmond:


She still has room for students in the third session of the Adult Dance Camp (August 17-23).


Those of you who go to that session will have a special treat in store!


Heidi has asked Eddie Verso and his wife, Karen Stasick Verso, to teach at that session. Although the Versos are new to the Richmond ADC, they both have had long careers in teaching and in dance, with great credentials. (In fact, if you've ever seen the movie of "West Side Story", you'll spot a very young Eddie Verso as one of the Sharks!)


My personal experience with the Versos is that they are both superb teachers, with a great sense of humor, and they LOVE teaching adult students. After hearing about Richmond from Tessa, Marcela, and me (ad infinitum!), they are looking forward to being part of the whole experience, and to meeting all of you.


So, if you haven't signed up yet, and can get to Richmond for the third session, jump! (Or should I say, jete?)


Carolyn ;o)



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