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Richmond (Sun King Dance) Survival Guide

2 Left Feet

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In my welcome packet, I just noticed that jazz shoes seem to be required for jazz classes... Does everybody wear them? Or can we wear our ballet slippers?


I don't have any jazz shoes, so I was just wondering... And if those are required, can we find some at Ellman's dance shop?





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Originally posted by *Lili*

In my welcome packet, I just noticed that jazz shoes seem to be required for jazz classes...  Does everybody wear them?  Or can we wear our ballet slippers?


I don't have any jazz shoes, so I was just wondering...  And if those are required, can we find some at Ellman's dance shop?







If you don't think you'll get your money's worth out of a new pair of jazz shoes, I'd just wear ballet slippers. Since ADC is primarily a ballet workshop, the other danceforms are included just to give you a taste. That means students approach them with a more casual attitude, both in terms of buying the right footwear or even sitting out the class entirely.


If you change your mind, Elman's is a pretty large store, so they could probably get you fitted at the last minute.

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The "survival" thread is a pretty comprhensive source of information for people planning to attend summer camp at ADC, but let me take this opportunity to list some other sources of information:


First of all, the official website is adultdancecamps.com


Ed (2LeftFeet) kept a daily diary of the first camp 2 years ago that is still available online at Criticaldance.com

Criticaldance.com - Richmond Dance Camp


Finally, Pointe Magazine published a print article in December 2002 about last year's camp, again written by that prolific writer, Ed. Back issues may be available from them Pointe Magazine.com

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Thanks for those informations.. I'll read 2 Left Feet's diary again (I read it last year), I will certainly see lots of useful infos in there!


And I think I'll just wear my ballet slippers in jazz class!



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I just received an email from Heidi at ADC and she says there are still some spots available in the 3rd session. I am very excited because it looks like I may be able to go after all. Just a detail or two to work out and since they should be taken care of by tomorrow I will hopefully know one way or the other by Friday and be able to get my application in the mail.:)

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Oh that would be great musicboxdancer!! I'm soo happy for you! :)


I felt quite the same way a few weeks ago when I was waiting for a response from Heidi and from my boss (to get a week off) to know if I would be able to make it this year... I was very nervous! Then when I got my positive answers... I think I had never felt so happy! :D


Were you thinking about having a roommate at the hotel in Richmond (and cutting down the bill in half)? I am myself, and didn't find one yet. I would love to share one with you if you'd like!


Well good luck, I really hope to meet you in august!


Lili :)

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If everything works out (which I think it just might), I am definitely interested in having a roommate to help with the lodging costs. Have you received any hotel info from ADC yet?

I would be happy to room with you but if you get another offer before I get things sorted out please feel free to take it just in case something happens and I am unable to go. I would hate to leave you high and dry. It definitely sounds like a good plan though. At this point I am just trying to figure out the logistics of everything. :)

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Musicboxdancer, I do hope everything will work out for you! :D I got hotel infos from ADC, so here are some details :


- most campers stay at the Crowne Plaza (just in front of the ADC dance studios)

- we get a special rate : 72$/night + taxes (single or double)

- we must make our reservation at least a month in advance

- there will be a meeting at the hotel on the first evening of the program to aquaint us with the facilities and services

- amenities include whirlpool, indoor swimming pool, saunas :D, restaurant, bar

- each room has a coffee maker

- refridgerators and microwaves will be available (on request I think)

- Crowne Plaza offers complimentary Shuttle Service to any downtown location (but not to the airport)

- laundry service available for a few $.

- etc! :) --> http://www.richmondcrowneplaza.com


Then we can complete a form to make our reservation, and fax it, or we can call directly. The reservation cut-off date is August 4.


Oh, and maybe I should ask you this : Would you mind having a french speaker as a roommate? ;) Just want to make sure! :D You probably already know that I can speak english, but with a very strong french accent!! :P


A little question for those who went to ADC already : on the reservation form, we are asked to give a "guarantee method".. What are we supposed to write on this line? A credit card number?? I'm a bit confused.. Thanks!

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Lily, I will probably put my application in the mail tomorrow and assuming that all of the spots haven't filled up while I have been trying to figure out how to go I will be all set. At this time, I haven't posted enough to be able to send or receive private messages so when I get my Richmond packet in the mail I will post my email for you if I am still not a full fledged "member". That way, if you are still looking for a roommate, we can make lodging arrangements more securely and without boring the rest of the members with our info.:D


By the way, I don't imagine your french accent would bother me too much. I have taken about 5 years of French in the past (the way past ) and although I don't remember much I am at least used to hearing the accent (my teacher was from Quebec);)

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Hey Musicboxdancer, did you finally send your application? :) About the lodging arrangements, everything's fine with me!


Sometimes I find it quite amazing how we can make things work out exactly as we want.. When we are really passionate, everything becomes possible! :o Well at least that's what I realized for the past years.. and when I first took a step in ballet classes! However I still can't believe I will be in Virginia in less than 2 months, to live only for my passion for an entire week! :eek: I've decided everything so quickly.. and I'm sure it will actually happen sooner than I expect... Am I the only one feeling like this?? ;)



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Hello all,

I just returned from Richmond yesterday. Tomorrow I'll start posting the day-by-day diary I kept there, along with a few photos. Hello to all my old and new Richmond friends. I miss ya'll already!

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Hi Luna and welcome back!


I can't wait to hear all about it! :D It's great that you took the time to write a daily diary : Hope you had a great week!


Lili :)

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  • 1 month later...

In a few days I will be flying to Richmond for the last August session. I admit that I am apprehensive.


A little over 3 weeks ago I was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended. The car was pretty badly damaged, but we seemed to be OK, just shaken up. That evening, however, I began to suffer excruciating lower back spasms. I could not work for several days, had to stop taking all classes and could not go to the gym. What was even worse than the disruption in my routines was that this episode seemed to totally foreclose on my vacation in Richmond.


My doctor prescribed megadoses of ibuprofen for inflammation, and valium as a muscle relaxant. These took the pain and spasms away, and I began physical therapy. Now I can straighten up - the spasms had me twisted up like a pretzel (I looked like I was auditioning for the part of Richard III.) Last week I even resumed ballet class; tomorrow I have another class, then Thursday and possibly Friday.


My back is still not 100%, and my posture/alignment is not a pretty sight. Also, during the really painful period I'm afraid I took consolation - lots and lots of consolation - in double dutch chocolate ice cream. So my six-pack is now disguised by bubble wrap. I won't be joining the hot tub - I'm so big I'll either crowd everyone else out, or I'll displace all of the water. And before I leave I'm going to have to let out my leotard to king-size, maybe even emperor size.


This thread has been extremely helpful to me in making my decision to go to Richmond, come hell or high water. Some people also wrote about physical concerns, including lower back pain and relative lack of conditioning. But they survived (at least, I think they did). So, my thanks to everyone who has contributed their experiences and wisdom. I hope to add my own. But, just in case, I've made out my will and I'm leaving everything to Ballet Alert.

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