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I was wondering if anyone knew about the one-year program for foreign students ages 18-20. There is some information on their website, but I couldn't figure out how to audition... :wink: I assume it is incredibly difficult to get in, but it does not seem that students have to have completed the entire Vaganova syllabus. Any knowledge about the program would be very helpfull!!

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odette, are you talking about the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg?

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odette45, I spent two years in St. Petersburg at the Vaganova Academy as a foreign teacher from 1993-1995, in the pedagogy program. At that time, there were about 15-30 foreign ballet students ranging in age 14-20, studying in courses for one-five years. The countries represented were USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Korea and Japan. We flew over, spent two months visiting and six months later I was off to Russia with a student of mine. They now only accept students who have finished their academic requirements in their country of origin. As far as I know, all of the foreigners I lived with auditioned personally at the school or were invited by teachers from Vaganova Academy who were guest teaching in their home schools. I have not seen any information on the website regarding their audition process, but you can email them and they will respond. Be patient since any letters not written in Russian must be translated.


Let us know what you find out. :)

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odette45, I have found out that they now take video auditions. Ask them what format, NTSC or PAL. When I was there multi-system VCRs were just coming out. Perhaps by now they have one. Also you will need to know what they need to see. Merde!

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That sounds really fascinating. Let us know how it goes. I suppose the audition will take place in Russia?

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I know that the Vaganoca Avademy in Russia has a special program for foreigners who are between the ages of 18- 21. I found their website but it doesn't go into mucho detail about auditioning or anything so I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about it.


Thank You.


Oh and I didnt introduce myself the last time so here it is. I am a dance student from California who came to dancing at a later age in life but figureskated before that. Nonetheless I enjoy dancing very much and hope to dance as long as I can.

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What sort of information are you looking for? I attended the Vaganova Academy 10 years ago, for the two year teacher certification course, as a teacher of methodology. I did have an American student with me who studied for two years. There were quite a few foreign ballet students in the school at that time. What sort of information are you looking for?

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A good friend of mine, who just graduated from my studio, is going there this fall. I could ask him questions for you if you'd like. He was able to audition when our school went to Russia this March. HTH!

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Mainly I was wondering about auditions and the kind of dancers that they take in. When are auditions held (like in spring or fall and can you send a video) and if they look at body type a great deal.

thank you

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As far as I know, there is no scheduled audition session in St. Petersburg, Russia for foreigners. Our students who have been accepted have auditioned through video. Also, it had been possible to go in advance, spend a few weeks and experience the program as an audition, however this takes great organizational skills on the part of the person auditioning. We went in early january and stayed until the spring time. Visas are required to enter the school and even to go to Russia as a tourist.

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Vrsfanatic is correct - there is no scheduled audtions for foreigners. However, when our group went to Russia our ballet teacher set up an audition for his students who were over the age of 18. I think that body type is a major factor, but I could be very wrong.

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Someone my DD met at a summer program did this program last year (2003-2004). She sent a video and a reference from a Russian teacher (in Russian). She did not have the perfect body, was not a perfect dancer, and still had a good year at the Vaganova Academy, where she was given a fairly high level (the next to the highest).


All the best to you. It would be an exciting opportunity.

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How do you go about getting information for the program? Do you email and ask or what? How does one now what to do about sending a video? *scratches head* and do they offer housing?


(not that my bf would be up for Russia but I'd go anyways!)

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