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Vaganova Academy

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Mel Johnson

For the state schools, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, etc., for Russian nationals, it's free. Fees are for foreigners!

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I am not a master in ballet, but I do know some information which doesn't necessarily coincide with past posts for this training school.


I know an American dance student, at age 16, who auditioned for the Vaganova Academy in Spring, 2008 and was accepted as a level 7 student. She had not graduated from high school, but is currently trying to complete her academic studies using on online high school program. She had previously been training at KA in DC and is extremely talented. Plus, she also made connections with teachers, coaches, and dancers who helped make her admission a reality.


She will return for fall 2009 to complete her training, unless she is offered a dancing position in Prague. The dance world is small and tight. It helps to make connections along the path of training as a professional. It also doesn't help to burn bridges. Be wise and diligent. :(

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Thank you for the update on Vaganova Academy. :wink:

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Any recent info on the vaganova academy? I would be interested :)

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DD has been accepted and is planning to attend this program beginning September 2013. She is currently a junior in high school- but we are trying to figure out if she can graduate high school early (she only needs 2 more credits). Does anyone have any recent info about this program?

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For those who are interested, the graduation performance for the Academy (performed in this footage at the Mariinsky Theatre) has been uploaded to youtube. Sorry I can't seem to paste the link but if you search 'Gala Graduation Concert of the Vaganova Academy 2016' you should find it without any difficulty.


Also quite a lot of footage of the graduation ball at St Catherine's Palace.

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CeliB, can you explain this further? Is this the end of year performance for all of the Vagonova students? Any international students in this? It is a wonderful show. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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The show is the Russian end of year graduation show. There are international students in it but generally only in the corps and they don't get named in the programme. DS was the only international student with a solo role (you can see him in the fairy dolls at 1:18) so was exceptionally proud- it is pretty unheard of for international students to feature.... He also took one of the 2 male leads in the Bolero but not in the filmed performance (they rotated the leads for that one) and was in the Polish dance (one of the 4 couples).


International students do have their own separate graduation show, it was at the Hermitage about 2 weeks before the Russian one, but it is a small affair (the Hermitage theatre is a small theatre with a capacity of perhaps 200?) compared with the full house and proper orchestra fanfare at the Mariinsky performance. In the international show the students can choose whatever solo or piece they want to perform and then have to arrange their own rehearsals with teachers etc. DS did Bluebird PDD. There are some photos on the Academy's facebook page but no film footage.


Any other questions just ask!

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