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Guest Jhora

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:blushing: Discount Dance Supply has several with built in underwires in their leotards. Also, it helps to wear body tights that go all the way up...Good Luck!
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I'm not anywhere near large-chested, but I find that leotards don't give any support at all even with a shelf bra, and I'm totally uncomfortable with that. I wear a bra underneath my leotard and I wear leotards that are really stretchy.

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Guest Dancing Duranie

Hey....I have the Mirella 223L. I still have to wear a dance bra underneath it though and the underwires don't seem to fit correctly. Also when you are doing port de bras the underwires (because they come all the way up in the front) will start poking out at the top. It also has adjustable straps and it seems like I'm always having to readjust them too. I like the look and feel of the leo, but I actually wish that it *didn't* have the underwire!

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Guest chowder39

I just bought a shelf bra from Bal Togs from Discount Dance. It's seamless, the straps are very thin, and it doesn't show from the back. You may want to wear tank style leotards if you want a little more support rather than the camisole type.

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The thoughts of wearing an underwire leo or a bra under a leo are awful to me. For the support that I need, i wear leotards out of the stiffer cotton fabrics, with a shelf bra (that actually hits under the chest not at the waist), that are pretty small for my size. I also look for styles which cross in back. It totally works for me and I am just as comfortable as I would be wearing a sports bra. Hope this helps!




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I'm also looking.. I just found that Body Wrappers seems to have "powermesh shelf bras" in their leos, and I'm going to order one from discount dance.. I usually like to be able to try on a leo before I buy it, cause I'm kinda between a M and L (long torso!) But I wore a bra in class today and it was so uncomfortable. I have the mirella leo with the underwire and I love it, and also the Gaynor Minden "gala" leo with a shelf bra that I like a lot. I tried to order the bra from Angelik support, and though they took the money out of my bank account, I never got the bra and no one can help me. :D Paypal said they can't do anything, and my numerous emails and phone calls to the company have gone unanswered. I really want that bra!!!!

:unsure: Sandi

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OFF TOPIC! SingerWhoMoves: call your credit card company if you used one (bank if you use debit card), they will usually refund your money (since it's the company that loses out, not them) especially if you have waited more than a month.

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I'm also looking.. I just found that Body Wrappers seems to have "powermesh shelf bras" in their leos, and I'm going to order one from discount dance..


Sandi --


If you could report back with your thoughts on the Body Wrappers leos that would be awesome. I'm always looking for some more supportive leos! Thanks :)



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The Body Wrappers leo I want, I have to order from Allaboutdance- and it's out of stock.. says they'll have it in a week or so.

As far as my bank goes, they said I have to file a police report and claim fraud from Angelik support.. not sure I want to go through it. I DO however , still want the bra!

I will be sure to report when I finally get my hands on the body wrappers. I wish I knew of a store that had them near me- or that another catalog had this particular leo- which I can't find anywhere else!




ETA: I'm sure I won't look as nice in it as Maria Kowrowski does in the picture in the catalog! :)

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Ooh! Definitely let us know how the new leo fits. :) I wear a bra that has no underwire, but good support. I can dance pretty well in it. I guess my body's just really picky to be comfy. B)

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