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NEED Advice!!

Guest newdancer

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Guest newdancer

Hi All,


I just need some advice as far as ballet shoes go.

I'm not asking about pointe though, so thats why I thought I should ask in this forum. smile.gif I will be taking my first basic ballet class in January, so what would be a good basic starter shoe. Are there certain things I should look for in a shoe? Also as far as ballet tights go, do most adults get the stirup tights or whole foot tights? I'm just wondering if my foot will slide around in the whole foot tights. Also does anyone wear leg warmers, I saw some that started on the thigh at discoutdance supply .com. Do people ever wear leotards without tights? Do you all start out in sweatshirts for warm ups? Thank you all in advance for answering my "BEGGINER" ballet questions smile.gifbiggrin.gif

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Guest BaLLeTdAnCeR247

Hey! Im a beginner in ballet too...Ill be starting next week! But Ive been in dance and gymnastics for a couple years.Im just now starting ballet.Ill tell you what I know.

Well...Most places want a dress code of black leotard/pink tights.The place you go might be diffrent.My personal opinion about wearing a leotard without tights..would be pretty un-comforatable!! Check with your studio to see the guidelines of what they want their students to wear...Hope I helped


:) :cool: ;)

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Guest djinrain

Hi! I started in August and have gotten pretty good at figureing out what I do and don't like.

First of all check with your studio and see if they have requirements.


I generally wear footed white or pink tights (I find that the shoes are uncomfortable without feet on the tights-just my opinion). A plain black leotard, no skirts or anything.

Pink leather full sole ballet shoes with elastics. I think my next pair will definetly NOT have full soles, but be split. However, full is usually what they like you to start out in. Go to a dance store to have them fitted. Also, tell them you don't know what to get for your first lessons and they will probably steer you to a basic full sole. They aren't really that expensive and you can switch to a pricier split sole later if you like.

Legwarmers? I wear them for warming up in the hall before class and take them off to dance because they get in the way. Same with a cardigan sweater. Besides, even in cold months you will be surprised how warm you get doing ballet!

hope that helps some.

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Guest marvelous

Hi newdancer!


I'm a beginning student as well (just started in Sept), so I'll just offer my opinion. As has been sugested before, check with your studio to see if there are any requirements for adult students. Usually the black leo/pink tight uniform is a must for the younger students, but optional for adult students. I happen to like that look, because I can see my body and make many of my own corrections. Here is a little more detail (just MY opinion):


Shoes: Pink leather, full sole.

I perfer the full sole since I'm a beginner. I may or may not switch to split sloe later, but that is what is working for me right now. I also prefer leather because it lasts longer than the canvas shoes that my classmates have purchased.


Tights: Convertible

I think these are wonderful!! The first time that I saw them, I thought they were only for the girls that dance en pointe, but my feet get really sweaty when I dance too! I like being able to let my feet breath when I'm done with class and putting on a clean pair of cotten socks with my tennis to walk out the door


Leotoard: Black or dark colors

Basic black seems to work for me. I'm just now exploring some other colors, but I think I will stick to rather dark colors like greens, blues, etc.


Hope that helps! Have fun dancing.



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Guest Juliecute

I personally like the leather split sole. When i started last year i bought split sole, so i think you can buy whatever feels better.

Most adult classes let you wear whatever u want, but wearing black leotard and pink tights make you feel like your a real ballerina (at least it made me feel that way!)

Anyway, goodluck!

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Let me know if I'm out of line here, I'm a beginner too, and male at that, but I think a leotard without tights will probably look better in a swimming pool than in ballet class...


[ January 24, 2002: Message edited by: Anders ]

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Guest maria_roche

What I always find interesting about this whole "uniform" dilemma, is that when you see the professional students, they look the most scruffy!

The advanced class I sometimes attend is always full of professionals wearing dark tights with ladders, all-in-ones with holes in them and jumpers that look older than the dancers are! I have NEVER seen a professional wearing pink tights and black leotard! eek.gif


Nothing wrong with that, but it just amuses me!

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What Zarafa says about the way professionals dress for class is, unfortunately, quite true. Perhaps it is somewhat rebellion, after all the years of uniforms! But it is also their way of personal expression, as well as the fact that they love to cover up their bodies. And, since dancers don't make a lot of money, sometimes it is just because all of their clothes are really old! eek.gif I find that the students start rebelling against the uniform in their senior year in the school, and take every possible opportunity to make themselves look more like the company dancers. This is not too hard to understand, even though it is against the rules. smile.gif The company dancers generally tend to start shedding the junk as class goes on, and most of them finally do arrive in the center looking more like dancers and less like homeless street people. Once in a while I will have to make a comment such as "I have a feeling that you might be sickling that foot, however I can't see it". The junk comes off very quickly. rolleyes.gif

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Guest linsusanr

Victoria, I know what you mean! Many of my classmates "rebelled" in the advanced levels. During rehearsals from our last show, many dancers showed up like you described ... until one of our teachers yelled "None of this junk! Lose it!" She said it very humorously and we all laughed -- and lost the junk wink.gif

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