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Guest sarabesque

Yeah, I would really like to know that too!


I sent them a video yesterday.


I don't think you have to audition through the summer becuase one of the dancers at my local company said she auditioned in august and just went, but I"m not sure. I think the pre-pro program is still tuition-based so they probably aren't as picky as places looking at studio compan y or apprentices. Still... I don't know for sure.

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Guest sarabesque

nothing really- I just know a couple of dancers that went to PBT for thier post -graduate years. THey are pretty good- and I think they enjoyed the training there.

However, I know that quite a few were having trouble with job placement- maybe there are just too many talented pre-pro students in the area, I imagine the prgarm must be pretty good sized. I relaly don't know for sure.

I know that the year round post-grad/pre-pro often dance corps in PBt's shows, but are not paid for them.

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netta and others that have talked about being invited to stay at PBT year-round, what living accomodations does PBT have for out-of-area dancers that they invite to stay for their highschool early release year-round program?

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When you were asked to stay for the Schenley program, did they offer housing or a host family situation? I notice that you are in PA; therefore, do you already live close enough to commute?


Also, how do the levels compare from the SI to the Schenley program-are they the same?

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yknuby - From what I can remember, the dancers that are still in high school live with host families. The dancer's in the graduate program are responsible for finding their own housing. If you are interested in this I would suggest looking into it a little earlier than when the packets are mailed, if possible, as it's a huge decision. DD and I are already trying to get as much info as possible on the program she's attending so that if she has the opportunity to attend year round we are both prepared and ready to make an informed decision. I think that is what most people do. Like I said, we were pretty new to all of this last year.

Hope everything works out for you...and I do think that you'll love Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

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i go to my high school and get an early release every day then my mom drives me into the city for my classes that begin at 3. the girls from out of state do stay with host families. and attend schenly high school(city school) the levels in schenly are 6 ,7 and 8. for summer though there is 5, 6, 7, and 8. so if during the summer ur in 6, 7 or 8 thats what level you would be in for schenly. hope that helps.

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i was invited to the schenley program and do it now. i do it half time. so i only do the afternoon and saturday classes..basically the only classes i dont take are morning classes. what other ?'s do you have.

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pbt schenley ballerina-

Do you live in Pittsburgh, or stay with a host family? How do you find Schenley HS? Did you elect not to take the am classes? What classes are after school vs am? I have many ??s, but you don't have pm, and I am not sure if I am allowed to put my email address out here (I'm a parent).


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i live in pittsburgh, so i dont live with a host family, i just have a 30-45 minute drive in every day. i do not go to schenely high school, so i go to my local high school, since im a freshman. the younger girls, all freshman and some sophomores are in 6. Levels 6, 7 and 8 make up the schenely program. the girls in 7 and 8 can decide if they do am classes as well as pm classes, mainly the only girls that do the am classes and the girls that GO to schenely, since it is already hard for most of us to get our schedules re-arranged to come in for class at 3. the morning class is just an hour and half of ballet. the afternoon clases are always ballet technique, pointe, jazz, character, and contemporary. please feel free to ask me any more ?'s you do have, or if i need to make myself more clear. :wink:

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I hope this isn't totally innapropriate, but, pbt schenly ballerina, if you knew how much the schenley program costs year round on average for someone who doesn't live in pennsylvania? I've e-mailed and also tried to get some more information, but haven't gotten a response yet! Thanks. -Ballet4ever1

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