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 Thank you.  She will be just turning 17 in the fall.  Her mom will appreciate knowing the age group.

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aspirant_dancer, do you know how many are in the graduate program this year? And  will PBT generally split up classes if they get too large? I’m interested in attending in the fall! Thanks :) 

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I am not in grad. It is huge this year; I would say there's between 60 and 70 dancers. They're split up alphabetically, but the classes are still very crowded, and opportunities to perform with the company are obviously not going to be a reality for all 60 of them.

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I was wondering if anyone has any information about the full time program. I am sending a video audition in, is it harder to be accepted by video? How much is it to be in the full time with housing and if you don't get a spot in the Byham house will they help you get a roommate for an apartment near by? How selective are they for the program and are they particular about a body type? What do they really look for in the audition?

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I just recieved an invitation to go audition in person for the year round program! I will be flying out to Pittsburgh for my audition in mid-March, and I am very excited. Does anyone have any tips/ specifics the directors like/ important information about the school?

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