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I don't know how many are in the program, but 4 students from the grad program were hired into the company last year (2019) and 6 the year before (2018). At least one of those 6 came from elsewhere and just did one year in the grad program, but they seem to be committed to hiring from their own program for the most part.  

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Is anyone else planning to send their high school students off to PBT this upcoming season? My daughter was offered a place in Byham House so our plan now is for her to head to Pittsburgh to start classes in September (understanding that this can all change at any point due to state or county covid restrictions.)

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My daughter auditioned for the SI and Grad program in a video this year. She was accepted to both about 2 weeks later. Last year she was offered a SI spot and an opportunity to attend the prepro audition- she heard back about a week later. She opted for a different year round program this past year but will be attending the Company Experience this year and the Gradúate Program for the school Year. We are currently trying to figure out housing and roommate options as even though she will be in the graduate program she will still only be 17. 

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