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obi hav kanavi

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This is a kind of complicated situation, but anyway, I have been having a difficult time trying to learn to spot correctly. I can turn my head, well enough to knock of triple pirouettes, but I can't figure out how to take it to the next level and get my eyes involved as well. One of my teachers has been trying to get me to do this, and I know exactly what he wants me to do, but I don't know how to make my eyes do it!

I have very unique eyes, one is slightly nearsighted and the other is extreemely farsighted with an astigmatisim. It is really hard to make my eyes focus quickly and I have bad depth perception, due to the big/little picture that comes from having opposite eyes. I have glasses and contact lenses, and the eye doctor says my eyes are as good as they are going to get. ( I see 20/20 out of both of them)

Is there anyone else with this problem? Were there ever any famous ballerinas with bad eyesight? Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do? I really want to be able to make this correction, it discourages me when I can't do something the teacher wants, especially when I know how much it will improve my dancing.

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  Were there ever any famous ballerinas with bad eyesight? 


Ever hear of Alicia Alonso? From age 19, because of detached retinas, she went through periods where she was legally blind.

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If you are wearing your contacts in class, and seeing well out of both eyes, then this should not be a problem, obi. You just need to focus on something until you train your eyes to do that automatically. :shrug:

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I'm not supposed to be on this forum, so please delete if inappropriate.

It seems I have the same sight problem as obi hav kanavi, only opposite, a slightly farsighted eye with an astigmatism, and a extremely nearsighted eye, and I have very bad depth vision. I don't wear conctacts though, I only wear my glasses when I'm driving. I too have problem spotting, I can snap my head around fast enough, but it isn't helping any at all. I still get very dizzy. Should I get contacts?

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As far as getting glasses, you need to visit your opthamologist or optomitrist to have this question answered. I am sure either one of those doctors will have the answer that is correct for you. :shrug:

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