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Books: Allegra Kent

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I am in the middle of reading Allegra Kent's autobiography, once a dancer. has anyone else read this? what's your opinion on it. I hear there are some disturbing parts...guess I haven't gotten to them yet. :yes:

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I enjoyed the book very much. As another poster had noted in a previous thread, there are a couple parts that are a bit TMI, :) but one could argue that such an approach adds to the realism of the story (as opposed to a whitewashed "autobiography" if you know what I mean). Allegra Kent is a very entertaining writer and the book is definitely worth reading.

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I enjoyed the book too. By the time Kent wrote this book, she seemed to have vanquished (or outgrown) her personal demons, so even when relating her difficult relationships with her parents and ex-husband, the book is not "disturbing". I actually found it uplifting.

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I've read this book several times. She found her own ways of making herself extremely strong with water exercises, massages, etc and made several comebacks--into her 50s. And had kids and a LIFE. She's quirky and interesting and inspiring. It's a great autobiography.

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There are one or two issues that were a little disturbing, like her relationship with her ex-husband. But this autobio is a wonderful example of one who has faced her demons and won. I loved it.


What I found particularly interesting was her opinion of George Balanchine compared to Gelsey Kirkland's opinion of him as told in her own book.

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Gelsey Kirkland is in a minority of one when it comes to her opinion of George Balanchine. Every other autobiography of a Balanchine dancer I've ever read -- Alexandra Danilova, Tamara Geva, Maria Tallchief, Vera Zorina, Merrill Ashley, Suzanne Farrell, Edward Villella, and Peter Martins -- as well as Allegra Kent -- has been filled with admiration and gratitude.

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I think it worth remembering that Gelsey found Allegra enigmatic, and was never quite able to identify her precise way of dancing.

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My daughter had the great opportunity of taking classes from Ms. Kent for 2 weeks in the summer of 2003. I also had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her. She was such a lovely person. All of the students loved her.


I then bought her autobiography and was amazed at what she had been through in her life. She is one amazing woman.

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Guest dancer522

I read that book this year, too. I thought it was really good, and actually intriguing, I guess because she had been through so much in her life. I think that people who don't dance would like that book, too. Basically, that was one of the best books I've read!

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I Loved her story, she's a fascinating person and such an amazing dancer, she is definately one person who didn't let life kick her down, I think her story is very real and an inspiration.

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