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Plisetskaya's Leap


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It must be very frustrating to rehearse in such a small space. Sometimes we just have to work with what there is available...Hang in there! You are going to be SO happy when you perform in the larger space in the theater! Dare I say this??? "Turn in" your back leg a bit...You want the elongated crescent shape to your back attitude in the jump. You may be doing this already, but just in case you're not... Merde! Let us know how it goes!

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Thanks so much for your support and advice. I am turning in the back leg just a smidge (my turn out is not the best anyways...), and opening the back hip a bit - before I was trying to do a very 'square' jump and it just wasn't working.


In my conversations with friends yesterday, I'm not the only one who is frustrated with the space issue, and a few of are going to try to ask our teacher if we can have at least one more rehearsal in the larger space. Fingers crossed!!!



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Hi all,


I just wanted to come back to this.... I went to the Plisetskaya Gala at the Royal Opera House yesterday, and there were lovely films of her dancing. Including the famous DonQ! They showed the one Mr. Johnson wrote about - with the sisonne, but then there was also a variation/section where she did a few of the jumps that I described here. I'm afraid I don't know DonQ very well, as I've only seen it on video less than a handful of times, so I don't know exactly where it is from... unless I'm mistaken and it was Carmen or something? I'm sorry my ballet history is not that fabulous!


In any case, it was so fabulous to see these clips. Ms. Ness, you were so right - she was so spectacular. Her jump like the one I was describing was really beautiful and quick - a total power house. She didn't have the elevation or extreme flexibility of some of today's dancers, but extreme musicality, dynamism, and beautiful line.


I will not tell you what my leap ended up looking like... :angry2:

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Hi ami...How wonderful that you attended the Gala! I'm envious...

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I've been reading this, and then started looking around a bit. Couldn't find Plisetskaya in action, but here is Gelsey Kirkland in, I believe, a similar leap...?

Is this what you were talking about?


Gelsey's Leap

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Yes Nerina, and if you read Kirkland's first autobio, Dancing on my Grave, she mentions how she used Plisetskaya as an inspiration, and practiced practiced practiced. Baryshinikov apparently saw her and was like 'where did you get that from?'


I think those photos are from the sissone, not the grand jete develope. There's a different trajectory in the different jumps.


For those of you interested in the gala (Ms. Ness, I'm sure you've already seen this but for others!) there is a small thread on ballettalk.



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And because of the lack of a fan in both pictures, I'd have to say that they were probably taken during the 2/4 Allegro Vivo variation rather than the entrance solo. Those are sissonnes.

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