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College or Company?

Guest live2dance115

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Guest live2dance115


I'm only 14 but I really want to know my plans for the future. My parents say that it's absolutoly manditory that I go to college. But I really want to pursue my dream in dance. Is there time after college? What schools have good dance programs? What are some companies to try out for?


~Thanks! :)

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Do your parents say WHEN it is "absolutely mandatory" that you go to college? If you are serious about a professional career, then your most potentially productive years coincide unfortunately with the "traditional" college age. Some students need the extra time at university to finish off their technique in order to start a professional career, others are just wasting time there. Run a search on "colleges" and "university".

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Guest live2dance115

Yes, they definitley say that I have to go to college when I graduate from HS. Is there any possible way that I can still make it? What dance colleges are there that give me an intensive program, which I am already doing now.

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Guest pas de deux

I know what you guys mean. I want to become a professional, but my parents are insisting on my attending college. Something I am considering doing is to attend college after I dance professionally. And I'm not even sure if I will be good enough of a dancer to be a professional. :unsure:

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I understand your predicament, live2dance! My parents would have a hernia if I didn't go to college right after high school. It's hard to reach a common ground with my parents (and you probably have this experience too!) when talking to them about my dance career. I'm a sophomore now, and I'm thinking pretty seriously about both Juilliard and Indiana University. Though it might feel like college is a long time away, it's never too early to start weighing your options, because with each year in high school, there are more decisions that you have to make that lead up to college. Good luck! :shrug:

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Have them put aside your college tuition, room, board, and associated fees into an escrow account while you are in your college years, if you don't go to college. (Tell them you want to go to Radcliffe) If you don't get a dancing job before that time is out, then go to college. Get a "day job" or a "night job" to pay for your ballet classes and so forth, and see what they say to that. After all, misery loves company. You'll see what I mean when you start paying for your own classes! :)

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