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When is a ballet school in the US called conservatoire? Are there any legal requirements such as minimum number of students, teacher, etc... ? Or can anybody open a conservatoire?

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D. S. L., I work in a conservatory in the US. To my knowledge, there is no legal attachment to the word. In our case, it means a school teaching the fine arts, music, drama, dance, etc. or all of it. Originally our school was for both music and dance. Now it is solely an accredited high school for the study of ballet.


I was surprised to learn, when living in Italy and Russia, that a Conservatoire indicates a specific level of degree granting school. In some European nations, there is a difference between a school, an academy, a conservatory, a college and a university. I believe, in the US, a legal distinction is made between a college and a university however not the other three.

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Thanks, vrs. Yes, you are right, there is a difference some European countries. Thanks for clarification.

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However, there are 50 different interpretations of what the term means depending on what state you're in. Education laws define "conservatory", and each state has its own law. Some places, you can use it in an unrestricted manner, other places, the term is restricted to accredited educational concerns, and the requirements for using the name are very stringent.

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Thanks Major Johnson. :blushing: I did not know that. I will check to see how Florida interprets the usage of the word!

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I think that Florida, as far as law is concerned, is fairly lenient about how "conservatory" may be used, but Harid is pretty stringent about what it sees itself as. It's a matter of self-discipline. A good thing. :blushing:

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I saw on their website that they call it conservatoire. I suppose it can be a conservatoire and a university at the same time?

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Under New York State Education Law, you can find a Conservatory within a University.

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