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hello! i was just wondering if anone has heard anything good about the Washington ballet school program? i got a full scholorship and was just wondering what people have heard about it. I am 14 and am interested in staying somewhere for the year. Any suggestions?

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Hi, bf90, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


You might say we've heard one or two good things about Washington Ballet. One of our Administrators, Victoria Leigh, is a teacher there. Why don't you run a search on "Washington School of Ballet" and see what turns up!

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Thanx a ton! I have actually heard alot of good stuff i was just wondering what the dancers have thought about it cuz i havnt heard from a dancers point of view. the communication there is really good and we are gonna have a meeting over spring break i think. Thanx!!


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Well you ought to start right here Washington School of Ballet's 2005 SI and read through the pages...then move into the Archives, search through the different SI threads and you'll find more information on WSB's 2004 and earlier responses.


Congratulations on your scholarship bannafeet90. :thumbsup:


We'd really prefer you ask any questions you might have about Washington's summer intensive on their specific 2005 thread - but first be sure to read it all the way through. :)


P.S. Be careful when you are replying - be sure to choose the ADD REPLY button not the "REPLY button which is the quotation of the previous post button. :wink:

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Thanx!!! Ill check it out!! :)


(AIIIEEE! You did it again! Scroll down to the bottom of the thread and hit the "Add Reply" button. Don't hit the "reply button.)

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Oops, you just hit the wrong button again - I fixed it again but do try to make sure you're choosing the correct button. You're not alone in getting confused about this at first. :) Happy reading! :wink:

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RT classes start at 2:00 with technique, followed by pointe or pas de deux, and then repertory or modern or jazz or a lecture type class until 6:00. If they are also rehearsing Nutz, then they often have more rehearsal after 6:00. They work 6 days a week.

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The majority go to regular schools, although we do have quite a few who are home schooled. We do not yet have a residency program, however. Students live with their families, or other families, or on their own if they are old enough.

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It is definitely a top priority, but how long it will take to get it is unknown at this time.

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Ms. Leigh,


Which levels are RT at WSB?


These are high school students?


So RT is Monday-Saturday 2:00-6:00, or is it Monday-Friday 2:00-6:00 and different hours on Saturdays?


Do all RT dancers do the Nutcracker?


What is the difference between rep and rehearsal--this may be a dumb question, but somehow, in my limited time in the ballet world through my daughter, I thought rep is rehearsal.


Thanks for any more information you can provide.

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RT levels are 7 and 8. They are high school students, with exceptions being some post grads and a very few 8th graders (I think only one right now).


Yes, they all do Nutz.


Rep and rehearsals are interchangeable, except that company related things, like Nutz, take place separately from their regular repertory/rehearsal class period.


Saturday times are different. They start at 1:00 usually. The last 3 Saturdays the schedule has been variable, as they were also performing. We had the annual Open House performance, then the opening of a new arts facility where WSB has a satellite program, and then yesterday a benefit for a private school in VA. For this they did a relatively long program of two group repertoire works (Nutcracker Snow scene and Jardin Animé from Corsair), plus a number of classical and contemporary solos.

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