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Victoria Leigh

Hard to say, lbella. Some do, many do not. Many go to college, or get positions as trainees or apprentices with other companies. Studio company is not very large, so there are not a lot of openings every year. But, it can happen. One never knows, anywhere.

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New Washington School of Ballet Director was announced today, Kee-Juan Han. Please see excerpts from the Press Release issued today by the school.



Kee-Juan Han, Former Director of Arizona Ballet School,

Assumes Position in July 2007


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Board President Kay Kendall announced today the appointment of Kee-Juan Han as the Director of The Washington School of Ballet. The Washington School of Ballet was co-founded in 1944 by Mary Day and Lisa Gardiner and led by Miss Day until her retirement in August 2004. The School most recently was under the directorship of the late Rebecca Wright. Han is currently a full-time faculty member of North Carolina School of the Arts and will assume the directorship on July 1, 2007.


“I am very pleased Kee will be joining us here at The Washington Ballet,” Kendall says. “He has demonstrated through his extensive experience and training to be well suited to run the School, and he has an amazing and engaging teaching style that will resonate well with our students.”


“I'm delighted to welcome Kee aboard,” says Artistic Director Septime Webre. “He brings a deep knowledge of classical training, an international reputation, and a track record of producing beautiful dancers. I look forward to forging a great partnership with him as we build on the wonderful legacy of Mary Day and Rebecca Wright.”


Han has a remarkable background in ballet training, most recently on the faculty of North Carolina School of the Arts and the Director of Arizona Ballet School for 10 years. With an impressive track record of training world-class dancers, including David Hallberg of American Ballet Theatre, he also has former students dancing professionally with American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Ballet West, Milwaukee Ballet, Ballet Arizona and The Washington Ballet.

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Mr. Han is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever been taught by!


I just wanted to know if TWSB has gotten anywhere with the idea of an academy? Academics and all?


Ms. Leigh was also one of my greatest teachers as well!!! I cant believe you left!!! I had such a great time in your classes!

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I just wanted to know if TWSB has gotten anywhere with the idea of an academy? Academics and all?


There was some attempts at working out a limited enrollment dorm situation during the summer of 2006 for the 2006-07 year. Despite some valiant attempts, it did not work out. I don't believe anything further has been said about it---but that doesn't mean someone hasn't been working on it. Even with the attempts to establish a dorm arrangement, academics was not going to be part of the arrangement.


As it stands now, there is a new school director and there are quite a range of changes being implemented. I imagine it will take some time to see where everything is going.

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Thats really great! Ithink this year is going to be a very good year for Washington...



I have another question though. I auditioned for Kirov Academy of Ballet and got in...I am not going this year but I cant help but think that maybe I should go next year! What are your opinions on the decision? Anyone can reply...

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Bobbertt101, on BT4D, we do not compare programs and we do not make recommendations regarding what program is a good fit for any particular dancer. There are simply too many variables that a dancer and his/her family needs to take into consideration when choosing a training option. What we do do is provide dedicated threads for many, many programs that contain first hand information, experiences, questions and answers. By reading through those threads and asking any additional specific questions one might have, we provide tools that a dancer and his/her family can use to make that important decision for themselves.


Secondly, this is a thread dedicated to Washington School of Ballet. Any questions concerning any other school should be posted on that school's thread.

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ms. leigh,


Will you be teaching any classes during the summer intensive this year?

Is it possible to be asked to stay year round at the school by attending the intensive?


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Victoria Leigh

No, tutu123, I will not be there this summer. But yes, it is possible to be asked to stay year round from the intensive. It is a good idea to let the faculty and the director know that you are interested in staying for the year.

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Victoria Leigh

If you are interested in staying, then let the faculty and the director know that. They might not automatically invite a younger student, but, they have sometimes accepted younger students, IF they have housing and school arrangements. It's not easy!


I'm not sure how things are now, but we generally did not invite anyone to stay unless they had expressed an interest in doing so. Sometimes we would let it be known to them that they would be welcome if they wanted to stay, but that would be with students who were old enough to be on their own.

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tutu123, keep in mind that WSB is not an actual residency program. That is, it is not set up to arrange, provide, or be responsible for housing for the dancers nor is it set up to arrange, provide, or be responsible for a dancer's academic needs/requirements. The school will help to the extent it can provide information regarding willing host families (which vary in the degree of responsibility they are willing to take for a dancer) or other dancers looking for roommates.


The dancers that stay for the school year program that do not live in the area have typically finished high school.

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