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Actually there has been talk of late of securing housing options for year-round WSB students. DD reports there has been no official announcements made, but a number of alternatives are being considered. While some of the year round students have completed high school, there are a number of out of town students who still haven't finished high school -- most opting for on-line programs to complete their course work.

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Oh, yes, I'd forgotten that there has continued to be talk of securing housing. It would certainly make it easier. It seemed almost eminent two years ago, but . . . it didn't work out.


Academically, if a student is non-local, on-line programs are about the only feasible option. The private schools in the vicinity (assuming there would be an opening) are extremely pricey. The public schools did not appear (to us, anyway) to be a particularly viable option, either. The public schools in the surrounding areas (Virginia, Maryland) were not logistically feasible given the need to take public transportation to and from, the timing of the school day, and the studio's 2 p.m. start time.


That said, IF the student is a focused and self-disciplined academic student, on-line programs can work. Dance classes don't start until 2 p.m., so the dancer would have all morning and most of the weekend to do her academic work.


When DD was there, there were not many non-locals actually doing this, i.e., finishing high school. Most non-local area students when she was there (and there were quite a few) were post-high school grads. I'm not sure I can think specifically of another dancer doing what she did that year, but there might have been one or two. Perhaps there are more this year. :shrug: I know there are not as many post-high school graduates attending.

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One option that has been done and for you to consider if you are still in high school: if you can find a host family in Bethesda or Chevy Chase, Maryland, or an apartment that is close to the high school, (there are many apartments in the area) your dancer can attend 4 classes in the morning at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and be at the studio for 2. The metro is right down the street from the high school. Then the dancer takes a bus on Wisconsin that brings them to the studio. It is much easier than it sounds and is doable for a 15 year old. The principal at the school has worked with the dancers' schedules and is very supportive.

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I have just asked this question on the "Georgetown University" thread but thought this might actually be the better place for the question......


Is it logistically possible to do the RT program at WSB while attending Georgetown University? I have looked at the map and it appears to be reasonable close by, but I am not familiar with the public transportation in the area. Are there any college students in the RT program? Any Georgetown students?


Thanks in advance!

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Victoria Leigh

I don't believe that we ever had any Georgetown full time students who were able to do RT classes. I think there might be some off and on who take the open morning class or one of the evening classes.


The transportation is not difficult, just a bus up Wisconsin Ave. to Porter St.

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Transportation would not be the problem. Scheduling of the academic classes along with the RT classes would be the problem. Along with rehearsal schedules, Nutcracker and spring performance schedules, along with Finals, etc.


DD's roommate actually had registered for a class at a local college. She had to drop it due the above scheduling issues.


So, open classes along with Georgetown classes, perhaps do-able. RT classes along with Georgetown classes, probably not so do-able.

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Thank you both for your responses.


DD is currently a junior at a high school residency program, and we're looking at various post-high school options including college ballet programs and also more academic-focused colleges combined with good opportunities to continue dancing either at a pre-professional or at a challenging level but more for recreation than pre-pro. Can you tell me more about the typical level of the open classes at WSB and what type of students it tends to attract? Thanks again.

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Victoria Leigh

The morning class is a bit mixed, but generally geared towards the advanced students. The evening classes are all beginning and intermediate, I think. At least that was the way it was, but I have not been there this year or last.

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I am planning on auditioning for the school this Sunday.

Are all/or most of the release time students training to become professionals?

Also, is there an optional morning class for release time students or would they just have to take an open class?

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Victoria Leigh

Lilac, I don't believe we have anyone here right now to answer WSB questions. I would suggest that you email or call the school, or just wait and ask them Sunday when you go to audition. :wink:

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Does the Washington Ballet School offer host families for students enrolling in the release time program?

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The school does (did) offer names of families willing to serve as host families. The specific arrangements between the host family and the student/student family is left for the two families to work out.


The school will try to work with the student to suggest various housing options (for example, apartment buildings in the area, students looking for apartment roommates, host families that might work out), but the school does not take responsibility for actually securing housing fo the students.

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I'm hoping someone will be able to update on the current "graduates" (if any) in this program and what their plans are for next year. If they have company positions, please let us know if those are trainee, apprentice, corp and then male/female. This information helps others track the true success of the program from year to year.

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Could anyone tell me what the current syllibus for the school is? Is it very Russian or do they do an "American Mix". My daughter was told this school might be a good place for her but she has hade a mix of Chechettin and French at her current studio. Not much Russian and she isn't sure she wants to change technique but she can't go any farther at her home studio.


Any help would be appreciated

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