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It doesn't look like there has been much activity here in the past few years, and I see that the last post did not garner a response.

I'd love to hear from anyone currently (or recently) attending the year-round program. I've read a lot of positive things about the SI but, can't find much else on WSB since Ms. Leigh left the program.

Any reviews/ recommendations? Dd is 12 and we are looking into prepro training in the area.


Also -- anyone here, or do you know of anyone commuting from the Baltimore area?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi pucksandtutus, my DD is 11 and has been attending since age 5 (pre-ballet). She is currently in level 5 of the 6 graded levels at the school. We coudln't be happier at WSB! I don't know much about the various ballet styles and methodologies, but I believe WSB is a mixture based on the backgrounds of the faculty. I personally don't know anyone commuting from Baltimore, but lots of students commute from VA. Feel free to PM me and I can give you more details.

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So your 11 year old is almost at the very top level? Either she is absolutely amazing or there is a big range of ability in that top level.

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Knowing the program, I would assume there is a difference in the graded levels of the school and the upper levels.

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My dd attended the school for a post-secondary year. The classes after the levels referred to above are called "PTP." I think this must mean Professional Training Program? There is now Trainee as well, which began the year after my dd was there.

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Lemlemish, Momof3darlings and Mom2 are correct. The graded levels are 1-6. Beyond that there is the PTP program and then the Trainee program. The girls in PTP are in high school. The ages of girls in my daughter's class range from 11 to 14.

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I get it now - that makes so much more sense and fits with my impression of the reputation of Washington Ballet. I can't remember which SI it was, but there was one that I read about that had 11 year olds in the top level, and those are the kinds of things that seem telling to me. Thanks for clarifying. :)

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Julisha, my 15 yr old sophmore was recently accepted to the summer program, and I'm trying to figure out her potential placement level so we can compare the summer opportunities. I was under the impression that there are 8 levels and 4-8 are the upper div w level 7 and 8 were most professional level dancers. Are there many girls in level 5/6 that are in HS?

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Hi Ayhawki,

The summer program goes to level 8 and it's also my understanding that some of those dancers in 7/8 are advanced and can be ages 18-20. The program placement levels for the summer program can vary slightly from the year round program graded levels because of the expanded levels in the summer. From what I have observed in the summer program, most of the students in level 6 are in high school, with a few talented 8th graders thrown in. There can be high school students in level 5 summer program (probably not very many), but that would I guess depend on student ability and placement on day 1 of the SI. I don't know how many high schoolers are in levels 7 or 8, but maybe someone else on the board might shed some insight. I hope that helps?

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I was wondering if someone hade some recent first hand experience about

the PTP to share?


Thanks :)

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I am also curious about the difference between PTP and trainee program. Which one is more advanced and is housing provided for the older students? Also, is there tuition for both of these programs?

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You could think of trainee as the highest level of the training program. PTP is the professional training program. The ballet school has access to a limit number of residence spots - when my dd was at the school the spots were given to international students. Most of the students lived independently in apartments if they were not from the DC area.


As far as I recall there was tuition for PTP and Trainee.

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A general description of the school's class and program structure can be found here: http://www.washingtonballet.org/the-school/about-the-school/ and the class schedules can be found here: http://www.washingtonballet.org/the-school/schedules/


Unfortunately, they appear to give no tuition or fee information on the website.

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Thanks. I looked at the links for class schedule and they list professional training a and b. There is no schedule for trainee unless b is considered trainee? Does anyone know from the past what the tuition was for trainee?

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lucyp123 - May I suggest contacting the school for any other information? I have talked called the school to ask them questions about the trainee program and they were very quick to respond. I'm sure they would be able to answer all of your questions.

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