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And then you can share what you learn. :thumbsup: Donna Glover was always very nice about answering questions concerning the program.

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Okay I will definitely do that. I was also hoping to get some insight from someone who's child has had first hand experience in this program.

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With respect, I have given you information as a parent whose dk attended the program. I do not have current information regarding tuition however. My dk was there in 2009-10, and Trainee level came into effect fall 2010. As I mentioned in my post above, most of the PTP kids lived independently in apartments. Donna Glover was of incredible assistance in the process of finding an apartment, but it did require me to go to Washington and make arrangements. If students are coming from very far away (e.g. Japan or Korea) the school does try to assist with housing arrangements. This may be a request for someone to room with dancers who already have an apartment.

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thanks..I did read your posts and they were helpful. And I will speak to someone at the school. I think the more people I can hear first hand recent experiences from the better.

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Hello WB dancers and parents. Please, more current reviews of their PTP would be greatly appreciated!

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WSB requires an audition. Is this just for placement or do they turn some applicants away?

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The answers are yes and yes. They hold auditions on three days in summer that are similar to SI auditions, but they allow some in-class auditions as well. For the in-class auditions, a student will be placed in an age-appropriate/level appropriate class based on the dancer's previous experience and previous school. They do not accept all students.

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Speaking from our experience 2 years ago with the upper 2 levels of the school, if you have strong technique you will get in. I highly recommend looking at the schedule and seeing if/how many combined classes your dancer would have. There were over 45 female students when they are combined - mainly for pointe if I remember correctly. They limited the classes to 20 last year but that is still 40 when combined.

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Okay, thank you Blanche and NanC for answering. I've been concerned about the quality of DS's training and wondered if his acceptance there inferred anything positive in that respect.

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Joyful3, congrats to your son. Since your dancing child is a boy then I say you should definitely check it out. The boys have special classes and the school director, Mr. Han, is renowned for his training, particularly men. I am sure if they see potential in your DS then you may want to further investigate if you are looking to change his school situation.

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I'm looking for any recent input on anyone with a teen attending the year round pre-professional program. I've read through the archives. I have a son (16) interested in this program. Looking specifically for information on the following:

1. Housing for male students attending year round (we live out of state)

2. Number of training hours each week



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Donna Glover is the school manager; she would be the person to best answer those questions.

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Hello, does anyone have any updated reviews of this program? Any first hand experience in the upper levels of the school or trainees? Thank you!

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I think you should ask when it will be decided in the future about trainee positions and trainee promotions if your child attends here. You will want to know if it will be done in January.  This year people are struggling to figure things out now for their future.

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