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Has anyone had experience with sending an audition video (for the year-round, pre-professional program), and being asked to an in-person audition at TWBS?

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I am looking for current information on the preprofessional program please

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Can you be more specific about what information you are looking for?

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New information On Washington Ballet’s PTP Program? DD got in and needs to decide quickly. 

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Does anyone know about the quality of instruction and hours spent on technique / conditioning for PTPB? How many of the girls move through to PTPA? Ages of the girls in both groups?


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My DD has been accepted in TWSB, commencing  early September this year, but we are struggling with finding accommodation for her..  Is there a spot on this forum where you can look for accommodation, or am I able to post here?? Many thanks 

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Hi, Mumofthree.  My daughter is entering her second year of PTP.  Our roommate situation is confirmed (waiting for final confirmation on lease) but my DD may know of people looking.  I will ask her.  I assume you have contacted Donna Glover already...?  She is a great resource.  

Are you looking for a roommate for your daughter, or just for a good recommendation for accommodations?  I highly recommend Vaughan Place for an apartment.  New, clean, safe, great location, and the staff very easy to work with.  Are there any other specific questions you have?

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Daughter will be there  this year.. we walked the are looking for a place to live. Lincshire is the cheapest. Older property 2 blocks from school, grocery store, cvs. Does not have washer dryer in the apartment but has a nice wash area on lower level of the building. .  Several dancers live there . Key card entry. Contact   Donna Glover for help with roomates


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Oh, and I just remembered, there is also Adams View Apartments.  Last summer I did look there and they were nice, but we ended up going with Vaughan.  So I can't really comment on Adams as much as Vaughan.  Adams is closer than Vaughan to the Joe,  which is where PTP B has their classes in the evening.  That is something to think about, with respect to walking home in the evening.  It is a generally safe area, but it is dark walking home once the time change happens in October.  

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Hi,  thank you for above comments.  I shall take a look at the Adams View Apartments. 

I have contacted Donna and we are awaiting to see what she can come up with..  I am starting to stress just a little as Miss 17 arrives in USA next Sunday (can stay with a friend for a few days) and I am here in Australia.. Trying to decide if I need to fly over to help her out, or have a lovely friend accompany her (friend kindly offered to help), but it seems like a HUGE ask...  This accommodation finding task is super hard work from the other side of the world...  Thank You again and I shall keep my fingers crossed that it shall all work out within the week :):)

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Hi KAJ,  thank you for the message.... YES, DD got an awesome roommate and an apartment.. Very happy.. She is settled and enjoying herself 

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My daughter was accepted to PTP but due to HS arrangement and graduation was unable to begin until January 2020. She was moving in with an overseas flat mate but as of today this has fallen through. We were wondering if anyone is interested or knows of anyone needing a flare mate for the second semester starting in January?She is 17 years old and we are working with Donna who has been wonderful but I thought I would post as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are feeling a little stressed now that her flat mate has pulled out. Cheers.

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Hi Mommame!  Yes, PTPB classes are usually at the Joseph Coleman studios on weekday evenings. Occasionally they are held at the main, but for the most part they are at the Joe.  I believe that on Saturdays PTPB is in the main as well.

I will keep an ear out for possible roommate availability for January start time.  

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