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Thank you so much! I worry about walking home at night from PTPB if she doesn’t have someone to walk with as well. Lots of things to think about so I really appreciate your post.



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For those of you in PTPA, I'm wondering how you auditioned. At the SI audition tour? Did you have to go to the SI to be considered? 

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Mommame, have you found anywhere for your daughter to live yet??  I hope so.. :)

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Not yet but thanks for asking. I’m Australian and my daughter was born here. We are still hoping to find someone looking for a third to share costs or even one other so she can start in January at TWSB. If anyone has any leads we would appreciate it. Donna has been extremely helpful but it looks like most people are all set for the year. Thanks for any leads.


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Mommame, I hope your daughter finds something ASAP..  My daughter is Australian and has recently moved into a new apartment with her old roommate and another girl.  Unfortunately they cant fit another into their apartment.  Are there any other new dancers starting in January OR returning from injury etc...   I really do hope you & your daughter find accommodation ASAP...  Would a homestay option be viable.. I know we were looking into that prior to finding a roommate. 

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Thanks so much for asking. We are heading out to see what’s available and have a few new leads but nothing solid.

Thanks again for keeping an eye out! We appreciate it!


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On 10/27/2019 at 9:18 PM, fcmsmom said:

For those of you in PTPA, I'm wondering how you auditioned. At the SI audition tour? Did you have to go to the SI to be considered? 

Bumping up this question that was previously asked.

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fcmsmom, this is my dd's second year in PTP.  She auditioned for the SI in Jan. of 2018, attended that summer, and was offered a place near the end of the SI.  The school told us before the SI audition that they do not usually offer PTP based solely on SI audition, but that coming to summer is a good avenue to be seen.  So that is the route she took.

  There are other students who are offered places via competitions, but some come via the SI.

 My dd has been very happy with the training there, the caliber of teachers, and also the positive culture of the school and company.  We have also appreciated the balanced mix of training and performance.  

Attending the SI is a good way to get a feel for the training and teachers, and also to know the area in advance of coming in the fall.  The downside is not knowing until mid-late July if you have a spot.

 For some people who have excellent training in their current school and can return in there in the fall, this is not a problem.  For other situations, it would be nice to know in advance of attending the SI if you have a spot.  

However, the only cases I know of an offer being made prior to SI attendance is through competition, not merely SI audition.  Hope this helps.

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If anyone is planning on living in DC this fall, my daughter may be looking for a roommate. She has a large, one bedroom that is close to the studios. 

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