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My friend's ankle/foot region has been killing her the past week. Luckily, she lives a couple doors down from a foot doctor of some sort and he looked at it for her. She was told by the doctor that it was tendonitis and that she should get a shot in her foot. They were also going to x-ray. I'm not totally sure on exact details. She told one of our teachers about her foot and what the doctor said. Our teacher said not to get the shot, that it wouldn't allow her to use her foot.


She doesn't know what to do because she has to dance on pointe in our studio's show this coming weekend. The shot is supposed to make the pain go away, but our teacher advises against it. Any ideas of what to do?

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What should you do about it? Butt out.


This is a matter between your friend and her parents (who are legally and morally responsible for her health and safety) and their physician. If they want to involve the teacher in it, that's their decision, not yours.

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