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The thread called "How Many Pirouettes" has taken Ballet Talk into a whole new paradigm utilizing the global reach and technology of the internet. This is what Ballet Talk should be, an international meeting place!


First, we get introduced to a talented young German dancer (Daniil Simkin) whose name is destined for international fame.


Then, we have an opportunity to actually see him perform a famous variation, replaying as many times as desired.


Finally, we get Major Mel's critique and analysis of his dancing, which can be printed out and checked against yet another viewing of the video.


It just doesn't get any better than this!



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Let's blame it all on Daniil! :wink:


After all, he's the one who provided the slight redirection of topic and the material for discussion. And he kept a discussion going! He could very well have answered my critique with, "Aaaa yer mother wears army boots," but he's too much of a young gentleman for that. I think we have good companion in Daniil, and he's made a lot of friends since he's arrived here! :)

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Yes...very refreshing! With such good and promising technique and such a good attitude (and by this I mean "disposition"!), Daniil makes good friends and will go far...

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Daniil's videos are a great excuse for dial-up internet users to upgrade to a broadband connection.

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