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Ok, here goes...my first question is about pointe. I'm having a hard time getting up all the way on my boxes. My teacher told me to go up, push over, then go back up keeping my feet in the same position. It seems to be working but does anyone have any other exercises? Thanks. #2- My teacher told me to do crunches to hold my center in pirouettes, but I dont get how that would help. Anyone know? Thanks in advance

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The exercise you have for getting up on the pointe shoes is the best one. Just keep working on it. :)


Your teacher suggested crunches to help strengthen your abdominal muscles, which are crucial to holding your center for pirouettes and everything else. If you have weak abs, you will not be able to maintain your placement and alignment for anything. I would suggest some Pilates classes. :D

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Guest dancing<><piper

I had the same problem with my abdominal muscles but my teacher made me start pilates and she hasn't had to correct me often now.

I also have a problem with getting over my pointe boxes. I do excercises but the problem is that it looks like I am getting over to me (as in, I can see in the mirror) but she keeps pressing me. I know she just wants it to be better and better, but I don't have great feet-not much point or arch and I do the best I can.... I am wondering if there could be something else she's lookig for besides what she calls getting the box over?

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