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Guest balletluver13

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Guest balletluver13

Has anyone here shopped online before? I was thinking about shopping that way just for regular ballet stuff, not pointe shoes. Anything info is usefull.

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shopping online is great! you can get almost any item you want in your size at a discount price. i suggest the following: ebay.com



capezio dance facroty outlet

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Guest balletluver13

I looked at ebay, but my parents don't want to do anything like that. I checked out those other sites and they look great! :wub: Just what I was looking for. Thanks a million :thumbsup:

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Guest TinyDancer1205

I swear by Discountdance.com. Great quality for a low price...what could be better? And they're very reliable in shipping, which has always been a plus for me after a bad experience with shipping a year ago.

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Discount Dance is incredible, and until I started having to buy some of my dancewear myself, I never realized exactly how discounted they are! If you look at the retail prices for a lot of Mirella leotards (mirella-dance.com has the original prices, I think) and then what they sell for at Discount Dance, it's a world of difference! Great service, too, and really quick shipping.

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It works fine IF you know the brand and style of shoe you want, and your size. If your feet are growing, or you're buying a first pair, it's not recommended.

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Guest My Toes Skim The Stage

Yes if you've been on pointe for a while and you know your exact shoe, then buying pointe shoes online is wonderful! Check out Discount Dance Supply. Their shoes are about $20 less than from a retail store and they ship pretty quickly!

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I got my pointe shoes at Discount Dance. The store I normaly went to stopped carrying the brand I get, so I ordered them online. They are great, :D but you really do need to know your exact shoe.

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