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Training for longer leaner muscles?


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:yes: What is the best style of training for someone like me who tends to build muscle very quickly. I would like to work on a longer leaner look. I am looking into winter program's for next year, and I think that because of my body build, this is something I must consider.


Thanks.............. :yes:

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bannanafeet90, I've moved your thread into this forum because it's really a technique/training question for a teacher to answer. If you're older than 16, just let us know and we'll move you right in to the older teen forum. :)

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This isn't about a method or system's teaching style. It's down to the teacher level. You have to choose a teacher who incorporates various kinds of stretches all through the classwork, and gives you ample opportunity after for "warmdown" stretches. It might also behoove you to warm up daily and do a middle-range stretch routine on your own. Nothing too easy, but not too vigorous and extreme either.

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Guest dancerkad

it's not dance and it's a little expensive, but i reallllllllly recommend pilates. it uses spring tension/resistance (not weights) so you don't build the 'bulky' muscles and its great for dancers!



dancerkad :grinning:

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I was a powerlifter before I started dancing, and I was 5'6 at 173lbs (look= body builder/college wrestler). Then after I started ballet, the only thing that I could do to get the "bulk muscle" to leave was stretch A LOT. Maybe you could do some Pilates <sp?>?

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What about Floor Barre and Floor Technique? Are classes in both or any of them available in your area?

I took both at STEPS in NYC and it gave me instant results concerning placement, strength, extensions and muscle structure. (though the Floor Technique really is TOUGH STUFF..... :) )


In general I would say keep your eye on stretching the INNER thighs as well as the outer ones- a thing many dancers do not know- this will keep you from building up bulky muscles.

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*knock knock--adult ballet student here*


shulie--did you take Emilietta Ettlin's floor technique class by any chance? I remember a German girl in front of me a couple weeks back. I kept kicking your backpack by accident? (if that was you)


Yep, it's a TOUGH workout and can completely change your body. No one but Emilietta teaches this without her "certification"--I only know of one other teacher who she allows to teach it, plus the woman who substitutes for her at STEPS. It's a very unique class. I can't believe how much I can do after only two years. I'm not terribly musical or expressive by nature, but no one could ever call me technically weak.


Pilates is wonderful as well for educating yourself about your body and learning how to work better. One on one instruction is invaluable.

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Oops! I'm not a young dancer... (but my daughter is!) Sorry that I posted in the wrong place! Didn't look at what board I was on, just noticed the topic. :clapping:

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Pilates is wonderful as well for educating yourself about your body and learning how to work better. One on one instruction is invaluable.


Lampwick is SO right about this statement, especially the part about one on one instruction before you go off and try to work on stretches by yourself. You have to know what to do and exactly how to do it, or else you could wind up hurting yourself.


And sorry, sgmca, but this is the Young Dancers' board. Adults with really pressing emergency information might post, but this is routine.

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