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New "older dancers" company


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Good morning!

Thought I'd post this interesting article a friend sent me from the Sydney Morning Herald about a new company being established in Western Australia.


Older Dancers Make their Point


I saw some of the dancers mentioned when they were 'younger' dancing with the Australian Ballet & Sydney Dance Company (whose principal Janet Vernon is still dancing well past the usual retirement age for dancers). Wonderful dancers and like seeing Barishnikov (sp?) dancing in various White Oak projects, I want to watch them for their artistry and seeing the history of dance in their bodies. I'm less worried about seeing high extensions and gymnastic versions of ballet. I remember seeing Patrick Harding-Irmer perform publicly several years after he retired from (I think) London Contemporary Dance Co., and he had a plié in second to die for, and could make even that rather unattractive position (or it is when I do it!) look wonderful on stage!

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"We're not necessarily showcasing the body as such, but showcasing a lifetime of experience," Helgeby says.


This last quotation is fabulous. :)

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