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Adult Dancers Photos??


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Guest beckster

I was just wondering ... when I first started ballet (5 months ago now!) Xena and I had quite a few discussions on this board about dance schools in our area. If we are going to put our photos up, would it be a good idea to go back and delete the name of our dance school, or am I being overly cautious?



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Actually, I think that thread is lost in the annals of time - it didn't make it to archives, and I think I deleted it with just such a security angle in mind.

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OK, I have just posted a picture of myself attempting to look balletic, no turning back now...


Now for the rest of you? any brave souls out there?

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Xena, thanks very much -- great photos! (I chose the second one.) It's up now -- I hope this will be the inspiration for everyone else!

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If you go to the ballet alert main pages..just www.balletalert.com and then scroll down a bit you will see some hyperlinks all together, in amongst those is the one called studio, click on that and then scroll down to photos...and you have the young dancers and adult dancers one.




Oh and if you scroll up this page a bit more there is a post from Alexandra with the link in it. x


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Hey, Xena! Looks terrif! Informal, yet indisputably classical ballet. Congratulations! smile.gif

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Thanks Mel :-)


Marc and I are feeling lonely though....any fellow adult dancers want to join us? It is fun...go on take the plunge!




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