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Class with the little kids?


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I'm an adult beginner and have been taking 2 times a week with my teacher and other adult beginners. I have been trying to add another class on saturdays to have 3 a week but there isn't another one at my studio for adults and I don't really want to go to another school (I want to have consistent corrections from the same teacher with one style- she is excellent by the way). So, she told me the other day that I can join her saturday morning class that is the exact same level as mine, even identical combinations- but with the 8-9 year olds. Is anyone taking class with the kids? Have you had to deal with strange reactions from the parents? I just want to dance (I'm 28) and will be uncomfortable at first but will get over it quickly. My teacher says it will be good for the girls-I'll be a role model. Anyone have any thoughts?


Thank you!


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I did that in college; I don't remember any strange reactions from parents (I don't remember parents at all!). This was my first year and second year of ballet, but I'd had quite a bit of modern before that and so I was with 11-13 year olds and despite all the bad press that age group recieves I remember them as being lovely for the most part.


Those 2 years gave me a huge leap forward, because of the factors you mentioned, seriousness and consistency. I was lucky to have teachers who treated me exactly like the kids and got all the corrections that I was looking for. I'd definitely do it again if my own schedule of open classes weren't fitting my needs right now.

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I currently take classes with the younger students. I am 23 and very short/young looking. The kids in my class are ages 9-12 and I don't think they knew my age until I said something about asking my husband before committing to a performance opportunity. I really enjoy these classes and because I am taking with the kids instead of the adults I can take more times per week. I don't think I recieve special treatment because I am an adult, although with one of the 3 teachers that rotates in our class I feel I get more corrections at the barre then most of the other students, but I feel it is because I am new to her studio and these girls grew up there, so it is stylistic.


The studio allows adult drop ins for the younger student classes (although an "all class" card is more expensive than an "adult" class card.) It is not at all uncommon for a Tuesday class to have more adults than kids.


Next week is visitor week, and while I really want to skip- I'm not going to, thats when I'll find out if I get weird looks from the parents.


The studio does a ballet as a recital- using their professional division in the principal/soloist roles and the classes as corps for the various parts. When I called to inquire they said that adults were welcome to perform if they fit the costumes, since they are not ordered but used from stock. But the performance is no cost or fundraising required.


My only qualm is when we do a mixed level with the 3s (we do level 4, level 4/5 and level 3/4 classes occasionally) and I am with kids younger than 10 (or late birthday 9 year olds.) When there are 8/9 year olds in the class the atmosphere is less serious. Our teacher had to remind one little boy more than once not to do cartwheels in the class, and while the adults are not required (I work on turns) about 3 minutes is taken out of class for "free movement" before we do our curtseys.

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I take student division classes with kids. They range from the 5th grade to a sophomore in high school. Like the previous poster I "look like a kid"- thin, no hips etc (especially when I put my hair up in a pony tail). I think the only thing that gives me away is my deep voice (cursed, or blessed with, since I was a little girl). They don't care. They're actually pretty friendly and can and laughter to the end of my long days after nursing school :thumbsup:

During visitors week some of the parents gave me strange looks. Personally, being in Wisconsin, I believe those looks were more because I'm black, not because I'm in my 20's. :wub:

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I am 20 and I take class with 12 years old (not such a big differenece) but I am not a beginner and I use this class as a "placement-class" in addition to my normal class.

I don't have any problems with this because in class you are dancing and concentrating on your work and not on the kids there but the kids sometimes just look at me because I am much better than they are (8 years difference, I just HOPE that you can see it)

Since I am very short and slim, some of the kids are much taller and huger than me so I am not that exposed :shrug: And the good thing is, that 12 years old are old enough to go home by themselves and I nearly never meet a parent.

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I dance with younger people and I must say they are a great bunch, much less bitchy and spiteful than the older ones!


They also think its really cool that i'm 20 and I drive! :shrug:

No-one believes i'm 20 though, at first they all thought I was about 15!

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I'm 26 and sometimes take class with eight years old as an extra (only barre) though) the only problem so far is that I'm terrified they will try to copy me which wouldn't be a very good idea, as I've only done two years' ballet.

In my normal classes (adults, mixed level), we have this year five thirteen years old, and I admit it's a bit hard for me to see that some of them are better than I am ;

however, the kids don't mind the mixing, anhd the eight years old always come for a kiss at the beginning of the class...

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I dance with students a lot younger than me and I have found no problems at all. My teacher is very understanding and treats me like the rest of class, I get given parts in the shows and put down for exams. I haven't had any problem with the parents and the other girls are really nice.

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Dear Mermaid,


I have been taking classes with Kids ( I'm 52 year old male) for about 4 months. I started out with an adult class and wanted more that it had to offer. It really is fine! I did worry that the kids wouldn't accept me but that was not a problem. Some of them smile and say hello now. I think as I progress they will open up more. I do think it weired them a bit to see an older man in their class. It is very humbling to dance along side 9 year old little girls. Sometimes they are quite silly but that is just little girls. I think it's cute! I will say it has been a positive experience. The experience with the adult classes has been similar. I find the ladies very supportive.



Just go! You will be fine!

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I take class with 13-15 years old girls (I am 28) and actually I find it is quite a relief that there are a couple of other people my age there. I don't really feel unconfortable with younger girls, but sometimes I can get easily disappointed if I can't do something that comes more naturally to them. My class is something like pre-intemediate (they call it grade 6, but the level must be higher since we do lots of point work) and most of them are very good since they have been taken classes for 10 years.

But I think it is good to be in a class with kids - maybe because in my school the teachers seem to take the class more seriously than an adult beginners class.

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Wow- thank you everyone for the encouragement. I'm definitely going to go for it. Though I certainly won't blend in (I'm thin, but 5'9 and refuse to wear a light blue leotard and tights to blend :grinning:), I spoke with my teacher again last night and she said they will be clamoring to be my partner across the floor :)


Thanks again for all your supportive words!

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and refuse to wear a light blue leotard and tights to blend :)), Thanks again for all your supportive words!



Can I ask why you personally won't wear the required uniform? I'm not trying to jump on you for it, just trying to see your train of thought- but to me if I'm in a class I would wear what is required of the students. Is it the particular cut of the leotard or the color? The tights? Do they usually allow drop in people to wear any leotard? What are you going to wear?

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I'd feel like an idiot in a light blue leotard with pink tights too. :)


Personally, I HATE standing beside a kid at the barre. Makes me feel big and awkward even though I'm not. That's probably just my own personal insecurity though.

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