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we don't have a brag board


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Parents don't have a brag board because I guess that is our job. But it is amazing to me how all of a sudden thinks fall together for our kids. Dance has helped DD learn about being disciplined in her studies and life, and the return on her effort has been amazing.

This week her dance class, which is mixed grades from 7 to 9 (may even be some 10th) were told they would be allowed to audition for the school's performance company. (DD is a 7th grader who only started dancing when she got to the schoolo in 4th grade.) then she was invited to join the honors society acadmically.

Many students and parents find success bredds success its just too bad more children and families can't discover this.

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Nope, you don't! Now seriously, do you really think you need one? Just think about it. :shrug:

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ha ha!


It's true!!!


We are a shameless bunch of braggers!!


I wonder if our kids realise just how proud we are of them?

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Yippee! I've got the green light. Look out. Crazy, proud Momma on the loose.

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I keep going back to when I joined this forum. Major Johnson posted that this board should be like a Victorian Tea Party with all the manners, respect and courtesy one would experience at such an event. I've always liked that. And when I think of that party, I don't see bragging as being acceptable or appreciated by others in attendance. Modesty comes to mind.


We have an international membership with a variety of ages, culture expectations, experiences, talent, securities and insecurities. Using manners and respect allows a feeling of acceptance and hospitality....we can't go wrong with that.

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