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How much does a dancer earn?


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Is it allowed to ask this.... :shrug: If my question is inappropiate feel free to delete.

Okay, here we go: I have been wondering how much a professional dancer earns. I know the there might be huge differences depending on education, country and company but can tell me someone just roughly what soloists or one in the corps earn. It would also be interesting to compare the different companies.

(Not only dancers, also Choreographers, balletmasters/mistresses, pianists or everyone who is involved in ballet)

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I don't know about the companies outside of the USA, but here there are so many variables that an average would probably not tell you much. Union companies have a higher pay scale, generally, than non-union companies. Some companies work 26 weeks a year, others 40, and some even more than that. So, the annual salaries will vary tremendously. The size of the company makes a difference even in Union pay scale, I think. Also some companies do not rank the dancers in terms of corps, soloist, principal, although individual contracts may be negotiated for some. There is a site somewhere that shows some of the salaries, but you will need to wait for Mel on that, as I don't know where it is.

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*knock knock*


I have seen employment advertisements in Pointe Magazine that are in a similar format to the Summer Intensive list. They usually list length of contract, any health benefits, shoe allowance, salary range, etc. It may give you a general idea. (As a mom of a DK, it is a pretty depressing read.) :shrug:

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Many thanks for your answers. The link you posted, Xena, helped me a lot, in fact, this site is generally very interesting.

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"How much do dancers earn? Never enough to off-set the cost of their training!!" :)


That's a quote from one of my teachers!

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