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In class today I again practiced my pirouettes from fifth like I have over and over again in cecchetti gr. 3 class, this time on pointe. I've had so much trouble on them because I'm used to doing them from fourth. My plie is somewhat shallow, especially from fifth position, making it still more difficult.


VOILA! My first time doing the combination I got it right on with a nice soft landing. I was so shocked that I couldn't go on. After a little celebratory jump and turn in the air I did it on the other side and got it right that way, too. I was so tickled my teacher could only laugh at me. Maybe she wasn't so shocked that I had a breakthrough, she maybe knew I could do it. But for me, it was a light at the end of that long black tunnel I sometimes make for myself.


This lesson just teaches me that if I keep working at it and strengthening where I need to it can make up for a less than ideal body. There is hope for me yet!



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Guest dance4joy

Congratulations!! You've passed a milestone! It's such an awesome feeling to finally master a troublesome step isn't it? Before you know it you'll be whipping out multiple fouettes on pointe without batting an eye :grinning:


I'm still having some difficulty with pirouettes on pointe myself. It's figuring out how to stop gracefully that's giving me the most trouble. . .the actual turning is fine. . .I'm on balance and everything, but I can't seem to put the brakes on without crashing down like a whole herd of elephants. :)

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dance4joy-I have the same problem. Maybe it has something to do with too much force going into the turn. When I think too hard about the turn I tend to overkill. It's funny watching me in class, everyone ends up facing #5 and I'm towards #8.


Dance_Scholar_London- Actually, since learning to turn I've enjoyed them much more on pointe because I can really use the spring to get up there. On flat trying to spring up like we're suppose to just seems like a little too much force with me. It throws off my balance. However, if I press up and stay in balance my teacher reminds me to spring so I'll be good at it on pointe. It just doesn't seem to make sense to "spring" if you don't really need to, especially if doing so makes it worse. Oh well, she's the boss and I'll keep doing it the way I'm told. :)


Thanks for the toast!



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