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BBC2's La Fille Mal Gardee last night

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I hope some of the UK ballet alert members caught this programme last night. It was wonderfully presented by Deborah Bull and was an extremely beautiful production by The Royal Ballet. I had never seen it before so I was sitting there in wonder. It starred Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta; I had never seen either of them dance before, so it was a real treat.



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I didn't realise it was on until after it was finished :dry::rolleyes::thumbsup:


Ah well maybe I should follow the TV guide closely....

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Yes, I loved it. Very well done by the BBC. And I was comforted by the choreography for Alain (the foolish son) - looks just like me in allegro! :thumbsup:


Does anyone know if they'll be releasing a vid/DVD for sale?


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I'm not sure, I thought they would hopefully release the dvd/video by the end of the year. I was mesmerised by the maypole dancing, I was thinking 'wow, that must have taken ages to practise'..so many dancers.

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I just checked the poster that i have and it is Nunez and Costas. Hopefully they will produce a DVD but if so, it will take a while :-)

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I havent seen it so far but the poster looks great :-) Tickets are just soooo expensive

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Oh Lori, he was fabulous...ummmmmmm :):blushing: sigh, not meaning to rub it in, in any way at all ;)

But Marianela was just delectable as Lise (I think it is Lise and spelt that way?) and I thought both she and Carlos got the chemistry just right.

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