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Height for Partnering


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Once again I have a question---do different styles of ballet pas de deux make it maditory for there to be a minimum specific height difference between the partners? For example, would a female dancer be too tall for a particular partner for one ballet and the correct height with the same partner for another ballet? Say, Petipa versus Balanchine.

Is a height difference a physical necessity, or an aesthetic notion? Let us just say for example that the male partner is very experienced and in fantastic condition. Female partner is not as experienced, but not a novice either. Partners on flat are the same height.

These questions apply to a performance situation. Dancers partner in class frequently with great sucess.

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I think the difference would only be there for contemporary work that is not on pointe. If the girl is in pointe shoes, and the partner shorter when she is on pointe, it is generally not aesthetically pleasing.

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Yes, as long as the partner is strong enough to handle the female.

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