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DD got a much needed YES in today's mail to a TOP SI.... :wub: however I am playing devils advocate :grinning: (do they accept everyone just to fill the bank accounts???)

What are the realistic chances of being offered a spot with the 2nd company??? I feel her chances are better with some of the other offers...so I await those on this board with the knowledge I lack to offer words of wisdom!! :blushing: and wait for the clock to tick down to 5 PM.

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I think that you will have to give a little more information about the program, before anyone can give you specific experience regarding being accepted to the second company for the program.


:grinning: I think it would also be more widely read by those with applicable experience if you posted your question in the thread for the given program


Congrats and good luck with the decision.

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cmtaka - Why did I ever let him take that first class?


Yes the other day my husband asked why did I ever let our DD start? :blushing:


Then I reminded him that when I was going to put her in Basketball (which she enjoyed as well) he said no way his daughter needed to be a girl. We enrolled her in dance and she loved it. Then the studio we were at wasn't serious enough that I should find a new one. Well the rest is history. An hour of driving most days, trying to find time for our other darling to do what she loves, and cooking. Good Grief!


She loves it and would take more if there was time in the day. :)

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Well, I let go and let my daughter choose which and how many dice to throw at this seasons "crap shoot". I figured she would learn valuable lessons and a dose of reality from letting her choose this way. Well, now the odds have materialized and she didn't win in the "games" she played so she is as of now going nowhere and depressed... should I rush in and send a video to a few places ?

Which quality programs are still accepting videos until the middle of March?

She is 14 y/o and has the mind set that only the top programs are good and all others are less.

Mom's talks haven't helped .....

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Hi everyone,

I agree with alot of parents about letting the Dk's own there feelings and their choices concerning the rough and tumble Ballet world. We have been fortunate to have a great Preprofessional program and we all depend on it. Especially concerning career guidance.

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Muck Luck, will she not consider CPYB? When my daughter was injured her junior year and not able to audition, she ended up at CPYB, which turned out to be a really good choice for her (she'd healed by summer).

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Muck Luck, Several good programs are still holding auditions, although I don't know about your area. Over on the east coast, we still have auditions in our area left for PNB, Orlando and WSB, to name a few. The last one around here is mid-March, I believe.


I think you would need to hustle on the video, as many have a March 1 or maybe a March 15th deadline. There are many fine programs that are not associated with the 'big name' schools, where she would recieve good attention and could work on the necessary skills. Good luck to you both!


Did she consider some of the California programs that others have mentioned on this board, such as Long Beach Ballet Arts, Westside Academy, Ballet Pacifica, Alonzo King Lines, and I'm sure several more. These might offer studio auditions or allow her to take a regular class to gain admittance to their summer program. Being on the west coast, you might also consider Ballet West.

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Muck Luck,


I was in your shoes 2 years ago. I don't know if your dd would consider a small program like Whitman SDL but my daughter did and had a wonderful experience there when she was 14. It is a small prgram, but according to their website they have an affiliation with Joffrey "...SDL/JOFFREY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD

Since 1984 SDL has also been affiliated with the Joffrey Ballet and each summer students are reviewed for the SDL/Joffrey Scholarship Award; which provides full tuition to the following summer’s eight-week course at the NYC Joffrey School..."


They have an audition March 12 in San Diego. The assistant AD is Denise Debrowski of California Ballet and my dd just adored her (she has fond memories of ALL of her teachers while there).


While my dd was there they had a guest residency program where many of the 5 week students were in an Apprentice level and performed with Western Ballet Theatre in Giselle on the last Friday night of the SI.


Good Luck!

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Guest jlapaglia

It is very stressfull to the whole family. We want her to be able to do what she wants to do, (Join a company in the next 1 or 2 years) but without a crystal ball, what decision will give her the best chance to succeed? Like the post above, you can work your tail off and have some talent, but it can come down to who you meet or who sees you.


Her struggle is whether to go to New York for 8 weeks of larger classes or return to a shorter intensive that she really liked (good people and instructors with intense classes) in a smaller city.


Choices are so hard to make sometimes, and they can have a big effect on your future.


Anybody have a crystal ball they can loan?

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Our family is currently rolling the dice also..glad to share our nightmare :P

Seems my crystal ball is broken, not sure it's repairable! Where is that MayTag repair man when we need him??? :)

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jlapaglia, Welcome to Ballet Talk! I hope you have already looked around the various forums and read about the programs you are considering on the SI forum, in particular! We are glad to have you and hope you will contribute often.


I don't think anyone has a crystal ball to loan you. :cool2: The decisions are tough and the path is never very clear! If you have some questions about the NYC program and the likelihood of it leading to connections, contract, etc. by all means post that question on the appropriate thread and perhaps someone who has been can share some insight.


Best of luck with your decision and again - Welcome!

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Don't we all wish we had that crystal ball here with us.


Dbleon--the only thing I would add is that I hope your home school is helpful in true information regarding your DD's ability level, technical level and body type to know if she is a fit for the program you've described. (meaning that she is the type of dancer that they "will" keep.) The answers to that question might help you. Hopefully, your home teachers will help guide you some.



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K8smom, balletbooster and Deb Lei- thanks for the great advice. All are possible alternatives that I shared with my daughter.She seemed interested in Whitman, Nutmeg, and CPYB so she seems to be realizing their are alternatives of good options still open.

Another whine- Out of consideration why can't email be considered for audition results? Laptops can be used in Hotels and most colleges now a days respond to admissions this way-why not S.I.'s?

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I am going to add my 'whine'. I have been much more frustrated and annoyed with the process this year than in the past. What with conflicting deadlines, letters arriving weeks apart making it impossible to make informed decisions, and lack of contacts for questions...argh! When I think that we will spend thousands each summer and be in the position to be AFRAID to ask questions of the staff of the organization we are spending the thousands on, it doesnt sit right with me. At the other end of the spectrum is dd who is happy and excited for every audition and every letter that comes. I would like her to have a more balanced choice next summer. I would also like her to go to a personal and nurturing program where phone calls are accepted and perhaps even MADE, the staff know and care about potential students and understand timid and confused parents. Sometimes I question WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY are we doing this when the potential jobs at the end of the rainbow are so few and heartbreak is almost guaranteed. DD does not question this however, so on we go.

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