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Summer in CA

Guest jewls

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I know that there is Summer Intensive thread, but this question is specific to our age group... Does anyone know of a good (and affordable ) program in either the LA or San Francisco area that will accept an undertrained 20 year old? :)

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Guest dancechallenged

There is a school in San Francisco called City Ballet. The director and her husband are both very nice and quite competent. I don't know for sure if they accept older dancers into the summer intensive but they do have a very active "open" class schedule with excellent teachers. Also, you will often find yourself in class next to professional dancers (some retired, some not). It is a small school but nice studios. The school is on Otis Street (I think). Good luck.

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You might check out Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica (310)828-2018. Last year they had a summer intensive that was just for adult students...not sure if they are doing that this year. You might also be interested in the regular summer intensive if you don't mind being with dancers who are a few years younger than you are.

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