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Hey everyone,

I have always wanted a book of quotes.....i love them! But I can never find any. Does any body know the title of a book with dance quotes they would recommend for me? Or, do you know any cool quotes that you could tell me? Thanks a lot! :)

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BW, Help! :shrug: There is a very recent topic about this, and I can't find it! :)


~dancer, I'm sure that BW will find it for you, and link it for you and then close this one. We really don't need two topics going on the same subject.


I would also like to ask you to please modify your signature. It is very long, and I'm afraid I don't understand it at all. It's just using up space that we need and I have asked others to please make their signatures shorter. Thank you!

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Here it is! I finally found it. It's on the Adult Ballet Students Buddy Board. You do not have to be an Adult to read that forum, as it is not a members only forum like the Teens Buddy Board.

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