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I'm confused over the basics here.....how do you tell what your arch is like....high or low. How do you tell what your foot profile is? I can look at the toes and see what type of foot it is but how about the arch etc?

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It's not just the arch. You have to also look at the instep. The arch can be seen when standing or in just looking at the foot in a normal position (not pointed or flexed), as it's the space in the middle of the foot that makes a bridge. There will be a lift in the foot with a good arch, whereas a foot with a very low arch will look straight. When you point the foot, the arch is more visible, as is the instep. The instep should increase the curve from the arch, forming a high curve when the foot is pointed. If you point your foot and it curves to where the ends of the toes are in line with the heel, showing a nice "arc" in the middle, that would be a good foot. Some people have an exceptionally high arch and instep, and these are sometimes called "banana feet".


The best way to know is to look at photos and videos of professional dancers. :angry:

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Another way to think about it is footprints in sand.


If the footprint you leave in the sand looks like two separate pieces, you have a banana foot.


If in the print you leave the two pieces (toe & heel) look like they're connected by a narrow bridge on the outside of both feet, you have a high instep.


If the print you leave looks like there's more connection between the toes & heel, with a slight half moon space, you're normal.


And if there's one big flat footprint (think Fred Flinstone), you have flat feet.


Clara 76

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