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I just had to share today's experience.


We had this masterclass in Amsterdam today, taught by Lynn Wallis, Artistic Director of the RAD.


There were 2 classes, class 1 was for students doing Intermediate Foundation.

Class 2 was for students doing Intermediate and up.


I was in the second group and it was quite busy. The emphasis of the class was on feeling the music and moving with the music. No real personal corrections, but more in general. Exercises were mostly at Intermediate, a few more Adv. foundation level. It was a bit on the simple side for me, but they were really brainteasers (with tendues side all closing front or back instead of changing, which we use generally).


Barre was ok, not many exercises, but they took some time. Centre was ok too, a nice port de bras, some easy going pirouette exercises and adage. Allegro became a bit messy, since half of the group didn't pay enough attention. A bit of a shame.


No time for pointe, unfortunately, but still, the experience was worth the time and money. I would love to take a class of her again!


Sorry, I just had to share, since we don't have many classes like this in the Netherlands.



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Glad you enjoyed your master class. Was this organised at your studio or is there an RAD centre where you live?

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DSL, there is not a real RAD centre where I live, but it was organised by the local organister for the BENELUX (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg). Since it was in Amsterdam, there were only Dutch students, but I can imagine that it was open for students from Belgium and Luxemburg as well, but a little bit far for only a 1.5 hour class.


I have to admit, one of my teachers had a big deal in helping organising this though, but it wasn't at the studio I normally practise, it was in the studio's of the Amsterdam Dance Centre.



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