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Hey, I'm a junior (which is why I posted this here and not in the career/higher ed board) and am looking into colleges with a ballet emphasis (not modern). I really am concerned with the college having a very good program (since I was a late starter) and I was a little wary of going to college instead of being in a company first (as time is of the essence). Mercyhurst College has a ballet emphasis program and allows their majors to participate (by audition) in an apprenticeship with the Lake Erie Ballet. Does anybody else know what other colleges have something similar to this or colleges that are company affiliated in some way? Thanks a bunch.

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At the University of Utah there is Utah Ballet that performs regularly. When extras are needed for Ballet West productions, they come to watch class and choose people that they want to have come to company class. It isn't a formal situation although lots of Ballet West dancers teach at the U and take class there as well.

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Just to be clear, are we talking about a college's own ballet company or a college that might have an affiliation with a professional ballet company - as in say, someone correct me here if I'm wrong, North Carolina Dance Theatre and is it UNC? Or are we talking about both? :yes:


P.S. Oops, rubiraven, I didn't see your post! Let's talk about both college companies and professional companies unless the thread's originator wants to clarify. :)

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BW makes an important distinction. Most college dance programs provide a college-affiliated company or ensemble to students in the dance degree program. And, when there is a pro company in the area, there are many schools that provide students to dance as extras in the corp, when needed.


However, there are some college programs that actually have an affiliation with a local professional company that allows students to serve as trainees in the company, while earning college credit. There are not many of these, but there are a few!


The one BW mentioned is a very good program. Here is the link to the NCDT/ UNC Charlotte partnership.


Who knows about other college programs that have a similar affiliation with a bona fide professional company?

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So, is UNC/Charlotte the ONLY college offering a program in affiliation with a local pro company????? :D


Surely there are others out there. I'm hoping this just got lost in the mailbox watch fervor this last week and I'm bringing it up for air in hopes that others will share about similar programs. :nopity:

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Thanks, everyone- I'm really liking the looks of OU's program and since I live in KS...its not too far. They have a MFA...I haven't seen that many places.

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Mercyhurst College advertise that they share dancers with Lake Erie Ballet. I know nothing about either program, but just saw it in Dance Magazine.



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The University of Akron Dance Department, which offers a BFA in Dance, is housed in the same building as the Ohio Ballet. Although there is no formal affiliation between the two, I believe that the AD of Ohio Ballet teaches ballet at the University, and many of the dancers of Ohio Ballet take class (ballet, mens, partnering, etc.) regularly with the University students. In addition, some of the University students have been invited to take company class.


University of Akron Dance Department


Ohio Ballet

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all these place everybody is saying sound so great! anybody have any first hand experience with these places?

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Ailey and Fordham(although Ailey is a modern company they're supposed to give good ballet training also)

Joffrey and New School University(I can't remember where I heard this so it may not be a partnership,I just put it on just in case)

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Joffrey is no longer affiliated with the New School..they are more recently affiliated with Pace University...not sure if the program ever got off the ground...they were awaiting state approval last year.

Westchester U in Pa has an affiliation with Brandywine Ballet.

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I have experience with both Mercyhurst College and Lake Erie Ballet (two separate things)...I have posted a lot of information and have answered questions about Mercyhurst on the other college board if you're looking for any information.

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Guest lesliea

I had experience at the university of Utah -

There is some connection with Ballet West, but there are over 100 dancers in the major program, so the math is a little bleak. I think two girls were selected the year I was there for one performance. Also, Utah Ballet, the university's resident "company", only does two performances a year. The company is only open to the students selected for the highest level technique class, so everyone else is not able to participate. If you're in the lower levels, you have one performance a year. The director of Ballet West does scout for girls through the U - the company type is tall, thin, hyperextended, beautiful legs and feet.

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