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good music for dance


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i need music for a dance i am doing do you no of any


i kind of want it to start slow and get faster





it may be on pointe

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Balareena, the way to find music is to listen to a lot of classical music. Find your classical music station on the radio. Go to the library. Talk to your pianist at your ballet school, if you have one. If not, talk to your teacher. The amount of available music that is suitable for dance is vast, and I think we would need a bit more information on the type of music you are looking for in order to help you. Do you own a large collection of classical music? If not, start collecting! Start with ballets, as those will be the most familiar and easier to work with. But it's best not to take a very well known classical ballet piece (like Swan Lake or Nutcracker, for instance) and use that for different choreography. Find some lesser known ballets. One of the things to look for in classical albums for choreography is something that has a lot of tracks with pieces that are not too long. That way you can choose a couple of short pieces and put them together, or several pieces if you want a longer work. You don't want a Concerto, with very long movements, for instance. There are a lot of great albums with many different pieces on them, some all by the same composer, others by many different composers. You might want to start with some "favorites from the classics" type of collections, to listen to lots of different composers.

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