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interesting turn...


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I have a few questions, for my pointe class today left me confused! :yes:


We were doing one combination where we did a pique arabesque, fondue in arabesque and sprung en pointe doing a rond de jamb with the leg ending to a la seconde and immediatly pulling into passe position and piroetting. So it was sort of like a backwards fouette turn from arabesque. Well, anyways it was very difficult for me to do! Once I had mastered the half rond de jamb from arabesque to a la seconde en pointe, I couldn't turn! I ended up throwing my shoulders about and looking rather foolish in an attempt to turn. Where do I get the momentum (sp) ? I don't understand because I can't push using a plie... :yes:


Also, during my technique class, at barre, we did develope devant and did a cambre back, still holding the leg devant. I can do it while holding my leg with my arms or resting it on the barre, but I cant seem to get my back to bend when I'm not! Is it a strength thing? :clapping:



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Yes, the cambré back with the leg extended front is a strength thing. If you can hold your leg in a front extension, then you can do it, though. Lift up and over to go back, and hold the standing leg very strong.


As to the en dehors fouetté into pirouette, that is very difficult. You have to think in terms of a pirouette en dehors, bringing the supporting side up and around to create the impetus for the turn. It's all in the relevé strength and the strong usage of the opposite side coming around the corner. You really have to use the back muscles! :yes:

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I am going to practice the cambre backwards with a lower leg. It seems to help. :yes:


For the en dehors fouette into the pirroette, to you go to the a la seconde position, THEN turn, or do you treat it as one movement and use momentum from the fouette? And the arms were in fifth, above the head so I can't really use them in getting around. When I try to use just my supporting side, my shoulders go all funny. I'll ask my teacher and PRACTICE! Thanks! :yes:

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I'm a bit confused by your description of this fouetté and turn, but it seems to me for anything like this you would need to make it one movement, unless there is another relevé from the seconde into the turn. I would also not think of trying to do it with the arms already en haut. If they were in a first arabesque position then you could use them to help in getting around the corner and on into the turn.

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Sorry for the confusion! I meant that my teacher emphasized the foutte movement enidng en pointe. So I sort of "held" the position a la seconde for a moment. And THAT was why I was having trouble getting around, I think. And the arms were in arabesque then changed to fifth above the head. Thanks for sorting me out. :D

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