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The majority of the audition results are in. What are your plans for preparing for the rest of the year and Summer Intensives? Have you started planning yet or are you still recovering from the audition season?

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If it's possible to be in recovery and planning mode at the same time, that's where I am!


Planning is a lot easier this year since dd is going to the same SI as last year. I've made hotel reservations for one end of the trip, and I admit that yesterday I started making a packing list. Luckily, dd now knows to eliminate some items she took last year and just didn't need. This year, I hope it doesn't take us three months to assemble all the stuff it takes only 20 minutes to unpack on arrival!

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Guest cozette

We usually start a "box" about this time every year. Each time we go shopping, we buy a couple of items to add to it, hair pins, hair nets, new stationary, etc., etc., etc., We even order pointe shoes, 1 or 2 at the time. This helps everything from costing so much, all at one time. We have booked all the plane tickets, and made hotel and rental car reservations. DD has kept her packing lists from year to year, and added to it each time. I've just got to find a way to make her not take so many clothes!! :D

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You mean we aren't still unpacking from last year's SI? :D


We also pick up a few things each time we shop. A pair of tights here and a leotard there. Luckily for us, DD had lots of leotards from last year that still fit so she should be able to make due with just one or two new ones from the SI fairy.


I've just got to get our housing paid off in the next month so that has taken priority. And I'm putting a little each week in an SI account toward her spending money. DD did her back to school shopping last year at her SI so she needs a little more than I would normally send. (Her school starts one day after we return)


It really helps to do it this way, little by little.



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Careful with ordering those shoes too early. Dd took 5 pairs of pointe shoes with her to Boston last year figuring on one pair a week. Midway through the intensive her feet grew!....

...By the way, does anyone need any Capezio Glisses????... :D

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Our plans are less certain as DD still has to decide between dance SI and music theatre programs - cost about the same, actually dance is cheaper - but since she was away last year we have kept the change and reimbursement money jar. We put all lose change in the jar, I get travel re-imebrusment for some parts of my job, rebate money ..., we keep the jar and put any of the money that comes back after the credit card has been paid into this to cover a chunk of camp. We figure this will cover the hefty down payment for music theatre camp or a first installment of a dance camp.


At this point we can only make financial plans since no final decisions have been made, but having a good chunk of money saved helps.

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glad you started this...had been thinking about it, but as it's tax season had not gotten around to it!



definitely, what size? This is dd's new shoe, but she has a really small foot. We've actually custom ordered a pair from the Cappezio store. We'll see whether the changes achieve just the right fit. But, so far out of the bag these work well.


Dad makes all the travel arrangements. We were a little discouraged when the Courtyard Mariott in Flint, Mi was touting prices of $200/night. We did not properly inquire about the Joffrey rate. That sent us into quite a tail spin - maybe a day trip from Houston, TX to Flint? However, the Joffrey rate is much better.


Packing will be quite different this year. Dk's are housed in a hotel - no linens are necessary. In years past this has taken the most room in the stuff we shipped. DD is trying to figure out how to make a hotel room feel homey. We'll take all the suggestions we can get. She's afraid if she brings the usual photos and posters, the cleaning service will not quite know what to do. We would love feedback on this particular topic.


This is a rather exciting time. This summer's SI is completely different from prior years. We hope the best for everyone. This is definitely the fun part!




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Because the Canadian audition schedule is earlier than our own, our decision was made back in November and payments and paperwork have already been sent. :yes: Now the only thing we have to work on are flight arrangements and possibly hotel arrangements if I can afford to pick her up. She's already going to have to arrive there by herself, but she's done it before. We've also been given a list of things to bring and asked not to bring any more as space is at a premium, so I suspect overpacking won't be a problem this year. :dry:

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We are continuing our tradition of attending an SI that requires a color/style of leo that my daughter does not currently own. Each year I think this will be the ONE when she already has at least a couple of the perscribed leo in her ridiculously large wardrobe of dance attire. But then who would want to break a long standing tradition?????? :dry::angry::dry::D


With classes six days a week for six weeks, she really can't get by with just a couple either. So... I will spend the next few months looking for the deal of the century on sapphire colored leotards! :yes:

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In our past SI packing experience my daughter has filled a large trunk with everything....we have loaded the trunk into the SUV and arrived on campus 4 to 5 hours later. This year the SI will not be in driving distance. I would prefer that she still pack the trunk, does anyone have experience with shipping a trunk? What is the cheapest alternative? Any insight would be appreciated.

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dancedreams, check out Packing for your SI on the FAQ section of the SI forum. There are also threads there that deal with flying/travel, etc.


It would be great if you and/or anyone else who has these understandable questions would see if there's a thread already on the FAQ and then add your thoughts or questions on there. I'm sure your questions will be shared by others. :yes:


P.S. I just used the search function and found that this particular question about shipping when someone is flying is discussed on the Airports, Shuttles and Flying thread - thedriver gives some good advice there - so good that I'm going to copy her post and put it on the Packing thread. :dry:

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Another great thread to read or re-read from the FAQ section is:


Preparing for your SI


Some oldies but VERY goodies there to help with the planning especially for those newbies to SI's!



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Well, DD officially has a couple of SI boxes in her room now. I brought a few from work and I figure if I split up her packing list from last year into 3 months I won't have to break the bank to be able to get her there with all items in tack.



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