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Dancer not just a partner


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Hey guys,


I've been performing for a couple years now and I think my pas de duex work has improved because of this experience. But lately my teacher has put me in some core work with the girls for blocking/place marker etc. and I feel so behind. Furthermore I feel like my teacher doesn't pay any attention to me since my main purpose will be the partnering work.


I'm the only guy at both studios I dance at and it seems the instructors don't know what to do with me except when one of their girls need a partner.


I love my teachers and don't want to sound whiny because I get plenty of attention when rehearsing my pas's but I think I want more now. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a good way to bring this up to my teachers?



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Danny, it's probably best done directly, the way you've just told us. If there's time after classes, speak to them about your concern, and ask for more input. If there isn't time after class, make appointments to speak to them at some time of convenience. They may both be shy about offering correction for fear of undermining your confidence. I don't think they have to worry. :angelnot:

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Guest kAlexander

Hi Mr. johnson I just started partnering classes today(june 20) I'm 14 band have been doing ballet for 4 years do you have any suggestions?

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Don't drop her! :clapping:


Actually, your most difficult job right now is to learn to find your partner's balance point. She has to cooperate with you at not CHANGING it while you try to balance her. Hence, all my warnings to the girls who ask pas de deux questions: Don't wiggle!

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hehe. Ive been doing Pas's for many years, and still struggeling with that darn balance point(s) ;) You have maybe noticed that its different from girl to girl (like in most other things) they are all doing it "theyre own way" :D Get to know youre partner, both personally and dancewise - the pas will improve at once.

But enough said, what I was going to say was that I was the only boy at my studio for many years, and had some of the same problem. I had my teacher for like 12 years or something, so It was'nt because she didnt want to undermine my confidence, but I felt I was "overseen" (if thats the word) in class.

I told my teatcher, and it all was better. Another thing that came out of it was that - since I had made such a point of her commenting my work to little - I had to show her that when she did, I listened and worked with it B) So it forced me into rehearsing, I improved a lot :D :D

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Hi Henrik,


Thanks for sharing your experience. Somehow it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who faces this issue. I'm glad to hear it worked out for you. So, are you on the professional track? Sounds like you have been dancing for a long time.



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I have been dancing for many years yes! I hop to go pro, im going to Budapest in a week to start attending a university/academy there (the Hungarian National Dance Academy) for some years!! I really want to be good enough, but its going to take a lot of work.. ... .. and pain... and finding those damn spots :yes:

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Hi everyone.


I'm a dancer from Israel, and have been suffering roughly from the same problem Danny was describing. The only diffirence is that I'm the only guy in my class, and I never practiced pas de deux... It's almost impossible to find partnering classes outside professional companies here. :D

background: I'm a serious Ballet student, not pro though. 28 years old. I have been dancing for 4 years now (this will be my fifth year), 2 out of them dancing Vaganova method.


As Danny, I don't want to be bold at my teacher (she's an old nice lady) but I feel that partnering work and duets are an important part of my training as a male dancer.

any advice?




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Shalom, Niv, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :pinch:



Why not bring up your curiosity about partnering to your teacher? At your stage of training, you should have achieved the technical knowledge you need to dance with a partner, and it would be good to start about now.


That's not bold, that's being responsible. :green:

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hey Mel and thank you for the warm welcome... :wacko:


I guess you are right.

I've spoken with the secondary teacher (not the studio owner),

who is my age and whom I find easier to talk to.

She promised to bring the subject up in their preperations meeting for following year (which starts in 2 weeks time! :devil: ) next week.

She also think that a partnering workshop will be beneficial to all the students -

hard work for me as the only male student around...But I will be excited to do that, so I don't care...


If that is so, Is there any recomended practice I should do before strat doing lifts?

Like weight lifting or bench pressing to improve my strength? or is my Ballet training is suffice? how much strength a lift really involes?


Thanks again,



P.S. - Is this the right forum to show a witty Ballet ad regarding that matter exactly? It's a prize winning ad for the Hungarian Dance Academy (might be the one Henrik is about to attend...)

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I think that the ballet training alone will be sufficient to start you off in partnering. You've been building considerable upper body and abdominal strength just by establishing a correct body alignment and posture. Lifts are more than half timing, anyway.


And sure, why not post the link to the ad?

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Hi Nivli,


I hope your partnering workshop happens. It's great that you took the initiative get one started. And, as Mel said, lifting weights is not necessary. In fact, I think it's counterproductive to your port de bras. You'll find that technique and timing will take you far.


We have very similar backgrounds: I'm 29 and have also been dancing for 4 years. Best of luck to you!



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